I have decided to share my work to others by selling prints of my photos. Apart from that, I will be also doing some graphic design collages and quotes. I'd like to share with you the story and emotion behind each photos that I have taken and selected to be printed. There are many reasons why from hundreds of photos I have decided to choose specifically these images.
An image is a speechles story line and I let each one of you to create your own story within it.

Prints are limited at this moment, because I have just launched it, so I want to see whether it is a demand for it in the first place and which one you like the most. Please feel to share and give me any feedback. Moreover, the e-shop side is under development, therefore at this moment I am taking orders via email, thus please email me: thuyphamtt09@gmail.com with your enquiry.

The cost of each prints (20 x 15 cm) are coming with a black frame and white mount = £14  
Cost does not include shipping. (+ £3.99)

Available prints:

1) Paris

2) Paris II

3) Travel

4) London

5) Brigton

6) Fashion