Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

Copenhagen is the ultimate source of minimalistic interior design stores. Danish design falls into the umbrella category of Scandinavian design and is largely rooted in the functionalist design of the 20th century.

Copenhagen has its fair share of design showroom and design stored for any budget. Here are top design stores you should know about:

1) Frama

Frama, the Danish interior design studio and interior management firm. Situated in the historic St. Paul’s Apotek (1878), the showroom is a beautiful mix of old fashioned and hyper-modern. The brand’s focus on natural materials and contemporary silhouettes make them consistently one of the most cutting-edge design studios around.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

2) Paustian

Founded in Denmark in 1964, Paustian has been one of the most important purveyors of design. They have two Copenhagen locations: a large showroom on the water in a building designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and the other, shown here, in central Copenhagen. The central showroom is also a store and a cafe. The styling is consistently rotating but also impeccable; a blend of furniture, lighting, glassware, ceramics, accessories, and pretty much anything you could want to complete your interior design dreams.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

3) Stilleben No. 22

Stilleben design colorful, handmade objects and crafted kitchens made to last. From ceramics and glassware to furniture and textile - all handpicked by the two founders. The name Stilleben is a German art concept referring to a work of art depicting mostly inanimate objects - often in table settings.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

4) Notre Dame

Located in Old Town, just a bit off the Pedestranian Street; with great variety of gift ideas and home improvement items.  Roomy shop carrying stylish home goods, decor, gifts & stationery, with a focus on Nordic designers.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

5) Søstrene Grene

The stores receive a wealth of new products every week, and many of these items are only sold for shorter periods of time. Common to all products is an elegant and feminine expression that brings beauty to everyday life, while the prices are always kept at a reasonable level. Søstrene Grene was born in Aarhus, Denmark but quickly became an international chain with stores around Europe, including in the UK.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

6) House of Finn Juhl

Instead of thinking in terms of practical constructions, Finn Juhl instead took on the mindset of a sculptor when designing furniture. In the 1940s and 1950s, this approach to furniture design was unprecedented. Contrary to many of his modernist colleagues, who had a streamlined and minimalist style, Finn Juhl strove to create more organic, naturally curved furniture. In 2001, Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen, were officially granted the exclusive rights to produce and relaunch Finn Juhl's sculptural and iconic furniture by his widow Hanne Wilhelm Hansen. Today, the unique collection consists of more than 50 classic masterpieces, which they produce with utmost respect for the original heritage and strict requirements for quality.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

7) MUJI Illum

MUJI ILLUM Copenhagen, MUJI’s flagship store in Denmark, opened on Friday 9th October 2020 on the 4th floor of ILLUM, the department store located in in central Copenhagen. In addition to a wide range of daily necessities such as fashion, household goods and food items, the flagship store also introduces a variety of locally grown and produced food including sixteen types of tea to customers in Denmark. 

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

8) HAY House

Hay creates contemporary furniture and design products with an eye for modern living and has a great stake in Copenhagen's position as a city of world-class design.

The Danish interior design shop Hay House is located on the second floor in Østergade street, also known as Strøget pedestrian shopping street, in central Copenhagen.

Here you will find straightforward and functional furniture and design pieces in unconventional shapes, but even smaller often funny things for the home - from designer pillows and towels to wall clocks and vases - can be found.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

9) Illum Bolighus

Illums Bolighus is the premier centre in Scandinavia for Danish and international design. Furniture, lamps, kitchen and bathroom articles, ceramics, porcelain, silver, and glassware.

Illums Bolighus is part of the George Jensen chain of Royal Shopping stores at the Amager Torv Square. Other Royal Shopping stores include George Jensen Silver, Holmegaard, and Royal Copenhagen Porcelain.

A browse through this temple to modern design will provide imaginative ideas for gifts to those back home. You get the best in Danish design, materials, and craftmanship, known all over the world for its unique beauty and simplicity of style.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

10) Nording Nesting

Nordic Nesting sells everything from small gifts to furniture, home accessories and art. You can find anything from Kay Bojsens traditional wooden animals to cool contemporary Nordic posters and cushions, or the perfect lamp.

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets

11) Studio Arhøj

Since 2013, Studio Arhøj’s studio and shop have been located in an old envelope factory in Islands Brygge, but the brand was actually founded in Japan back when Anders Arhøj was a student. He’s very clearly inspired by shapes, animation, and a saturated palette, which makes all of his handmade items a fun mix of Danish elegance and Japanese liveliness. A fun, whimsical, and playful brand, it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for something special for yourself – or a cool present for someone special. 

Copenhagen design shops for all budgets