Two piece set look

Do you also struggle sometimes to pull out outfits that go together? This is why matching sets are perfect, as they sort out the issue for you!

I've got this ribbed crop top and skirt from Femme Luxe a while back and finally got to wear it on my recent trip to Tenerife where the weather was perfect to wear out this look. Perfect for summer as well as a city out and about. A matching two-piece set is an efficient look and comes in various combinations. You can get a top and skirt set or a top and trouser set. These sets can be worn as well separately and match with other items of your closer. Isn't this great? Having a versatile use for your clothes! This is what every girl and woman should have in their own closet - a two-piece set.

And here are more reasons why you should have at least one set in your wardrobe:

1) Purchasing a two-piece set can be less expensive than buying two items separately

2) You can easily mix and match with other items

3) Save your headache to sorting out what to wear and what goes well with what

4) They are usually the perfect colour match, you don't need to worry if colours go well together with two-piece sets

5) Length is not an issue, a two-piece set do not have the issue with the torso being too long because the top and bottom are disconnected, You can wear the waist higher or lower, depending on your personal preference. 

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Two piece set look