The Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

Planning a getaway can be stressful. From making sure you have your passports, boarding tickets, the correct currency right down to packing the right attire, it’s a lot to think about. However, when leaving your home for a certain amount of time, there are things you should do to make your getaway relaxing and ultimately, free of any worries about anything back at home. So, here’s the ultimate pre-travel checklist so you can cross everything off before you go.

Get a dog sitter

Dog, cat, hamster - whatever pet you have will need taking care of if they aren’t joining you on your travels. Make the necessary arrangements for kennels, dog sitters, or even a trusted family member or friend to visit your home and feed your beloved pets.


Have a locksmith on speed dial

It’s likely you’re entrusting someone to check on your home while you’re away on things like post, pets, and even making sure nothing is leaking or any damages have occurred in your absence. However, keys can be easily lost, and if your home is in danger and nobody can enter, it’s important to have the number of your local locksmiths on hand.


Deep clean

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing getaway to a home that’s untidy. The last thing you want after travelling is to delve back into chores and housework. Spend the day before you travel deep cleaning your home to eliminate this issue.


Tidy up the garden

If you’re a keen gardener, you’ll likely have lawns, bushes and hedges that you regularly tend to. Much like the housework, the last thing you want to do is come home to an untidy garden. Spend some time tidying your garden before you leave to minimise your workload when you return home.


Alert a neighbour of your travels

If you don’t have anyone checking on your home while you’re away, it’s a good idea to let a trusted neighbour know you won’t be there. They’ll be able to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, and also deter anyone that’s lingering around your property. You may want to provide them with a spare key to collect your mail so it’s not obvious your home is empty.


Leave a light on

Not everyone has the luxury of neighbours they can trust, and as mentioned above, you don’t want it to be obvious that your home is empty as it makes it an easy target for theft. Leaving a light on in the porch and a radio playing will make it seem like someone is there and deter robberies.


Turn off the gas and water

Finally, even though you’ll double and triple check your home before leaving, it’s always best to turn off the gas and water so that you can rest assured there won’t be any accidental leaks or explosions while you’re gone. Follow this checklist and you’ll be able to sit back and relax on your lovely getaway knowing your home is safe and sound!