7 Stunning Cruising Destinations For Your Bucket List

Being on a cruise ship is popular for a good reason and that is because while you are on it everything will look more amazing, especially the nature that surrounds you. You are able to experience and explore different places that you wouldn't be able to when travelling on foot. If you are thinking about going on a cruise, here are the 7 most stunning cruise destinations that you have to put on your bucket list.

Get To Know The Remarkable Wildlife of Antarctica

Antarctica was only visited by the bravest explorers but it is becoming a very popular cruise destination. Most routes start from Ushuaia and as you are sailing to the Drake Passage you will be able to see amazing wildlife like petrels, seabirds, albatross and many more. Also, you will be able to see millions of penguins, Weddell seals as well as humpback whales. But apart from the cool wildlife, you can experience you will be able to enjoy some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world.

7 Stunning Cruising Destinations For Your Bucket List

Take A Mesmerising Cruise in Norwegian Fjords

Continuing with cold places, one of the most popular European getaway locations in Norway. It offers deep crystal-clear waters, gushing waterfalls and breathtaking mountaintops. The Norwegian fjords are the most scenic thing that you will ever see which makes the whole cruise very peaceful and relaxing. Your whole cruise experience will be filled with breathtaking scenery that will stay in your memories forever.


Cruise Down the Idyllic Islands Of Croatia

If you are someone who enjoys more Mediterranian places, one of the best cruises to put on your bucket list is to Croatia sandy beaches. Aside from all the different monuments such as the Franciscan Monastery, you will be able to experience Croatia's idyllic islands that will take your breath away. While sailing down the Adriatic Sea you will be able to experience a Roman masterpiece called the Diocletian’s Palace. Apart from that you can also cruise through Hvar and get to see the atmospheric Benedictine monastery. There are so many magical historical things that you will be able to experience while cruising tough Croatia.

7 Stunning Cruising Destinations For Your Bucket List

Sit Back and Enjoy Sydney's Beauty

Not a lot of people are aware of how large Sydney actually is. It spreads across a massive geographic area. But the most interesting areas are the best experiences from the ocean. Every part of Sydney has a distinct vibe that will take your breath away. It is a very laid-back city that is often compared to places such as London or New York. Because of all of that Sydney has a very large tourist industry and the locals do their best to provide the tourists with the best ways to experience the city in all of its glory. With it being the largest city in Australia, Sydney has one of the most amazing harbours. That is why the Sydney Harbour cruises are something that almost every tourist chooses when visiting. If you are looking for something laid back and fun you can take a BBQ cruise or you can go for something more romantic and go with a Vivid Festival of Light and Sound Cruise. There is really no wrong when it comes to picking cruises in Sydney. No matter what you like there are so many different things to do in Sydney.


See A Different Type Of Culture in Japan

If you are someone who will like more unconventional cruise destinations, Japan should definitely make it onto your bucket list. It is a really interesting place that deserves to be seen. Every single country in Japan will leave you breathless as the culture is so unique and different from what we are used to. You will be able to see their colossal skyscrapers, lakes, volcanoes as well as innumerable temples that will make you mesmerised.

7 Stunning Cruising Destinations For Your Bucket List

Explore Ancient Architectural Wonders of Greek Isles

Greece is filled with historical monuments such as ancient architectural wonders and whitewashed towns. It has some of the most breathtaking beaches that make the Greek Isles a very popular cruise destination. One of the most popular stops is Santorini as it has amazing scenery. You will also be able to sail through the bay that is a giant caldera that was created when the volcano erupted in 1500 B.C. It is a great way to combine relaxing and learning about history. The Greek Isles offer something that will interest everyone along with breathtaking heart shaped islands that you must visit.


Find Your Inner Peace In India

India is a really popular place for cruises as it is such a tranquil and mesmerizing place. Most of them start at the Himalayas, making their way down to the Bay of Bengal which is India's main spiritual place. The Ganges is a place where Hindu’s swim, wash and float candles, as well as a place where the carnival of colour and chaos takes place. Along the way, you will also be able to experience different cultures while enjoying the amazing scenery. But one of the must-sees is the holy city Varanasi which is one of the oldest civilisations in the whole world. No matter what route you take the cruise, India will help you find your inner peace. At the end of the day, whichever destinations you end up putting on your bucket list, you can't go wrong as they are all unique and mesmerising.

Guest post was written by Nina Simons. Nina is a blogger, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She's passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas. If you wanna see what she's up to you can find her on Twitter.