Getting the Most Value Out of Your Clutter and Unwanted Items

It should come as no surprise to anyone that one of the best ways to improve your home these days is to start decluttering. Thanks to the ease of ordering things online and the crazy low prices that we can get, it’s really common to buy a lot of stuff and end up with boxes of clutter and random large items around the home. 

Cleaning up this clutter can be a lot of pain, but it’s also a great way to uncover a lot of treasure. If you’ve been buying a lot of things over time, then there’s a good chance that you have some really nice collectables laying around or expensive electronics that can still fetch a decent price. 

But how do you extract the most value out of these items? In this post, we’re going to offer a couple of tips to help you sell your stuff for the most amount of money.


Value your stuff by identifying what it actually is

If you want to get the most out of your unwanted items then you should do some research and identify what you’re selling and who’s likely going to buy it. For example, you could value your vintage furniture to get a rough idea of how much people will pay. The price is usually always subjective, though there are occasionally a few things that you can keep in mind such as the materials it’s made from and also the retail price if it’s something that you can still buy. 

Once you value your items, you’ll realize that you can almost always squeeze out a bit more value from them. To make this even better, you could try and sell directly to people that appreciate your items instead of common marketplaces like eBay.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Clutter and Unwanted Items

Understanding the difference between practical and sentimental

Practical items such as a smartphone will almost never sell for their retail price. However, some items such as collectable comics and records will often fetch a great price because they’re sentimental to people. Keep them in good condition and see what people are willing to pay for your old items.

While there are many expensive collectables that can fetch a really high price, a lot of it is due to sentimentality. If you think you have a really expensive collectable to sell, then you probably won’t get a great price for it if it’s in bad condition.


Be patient

It’s a good idea to be patient if you’re looking to get the most value out of your clutter and unwanted items. If you want to make a quick sale then you’d best be prepared to accept offers and lower the asking price. You can sometimes get around this by setting the price a little higher so that people will offer you the amount of money you expect. However, this doesn’t always work. 

 Getting the most value out of your clutter and unwanted items isn’t difficult. However, you do need to be vigilant when learning about your items and their values, and you also need to be willing to wait until you find a seller that can appreciate the price you’ve set.