The Face Space: Looking After It Properly

Your face is the window to your health. When it comes to looking after your health, a lot of it shows up, right there, when you look in the mirror. And whether you have crow’s feet, bunny lines, you are just wondering how to give your face a bit of a glow, a lot of it is to do with looking after yourself from the inside out. Let's show you a combination of methods that can potentially help you.


Reducing Bacteria Build-Up

If you are someone that touches your face a lot, you might be surprised how much bacteria you are transferring to your skin. If you have acne, it may be tempting to pick at it, but the worst thing for you to do is to add more bacteria. When it comes to skin conditions like acne, ensuring that you have the right practices in place to reduce bacteria can make a big difference. Skin impurities are not just something that we experience as teenagers, we can get them later in life. And a healthy diet and regular cleansing of dead skin cells will help, but if this isn't enough, you may want to go one step further. CBD, the component found in CBD gummies, when applied to the skin, can reduce the formation of sebum located in the sebaceous glands. This is the most common culprit associated with acne. In addition to this, CBD has antibacterial properties. Reduce bacteria, and you will have healthier-looking skin.


Eat and Drink Well

It is very simple, but the importance of drinking a lot of water can hydrate your skin. Dehydrated skin will make it tighter and flaky. But eating good sources of fatty acids, such as fish and fruit and vegetables, means that you are giving your body the tools to keep the skin functioning properly, while also infusing vitamins into your skin. Think about increasing your vitamin A, but make sure that you don't go over the regulated amount. In addition, if you are a meat-eater, you may want to consider incorporating more collagen into your diet. Collagen is the product found when you cook bones of animals, and you can find it in skincare products, but if you are looking for a natural way to do it at home, making bone broth can increase your collagen intake.


Sanitize Your Phone

Seriously, when was the last time you wiped the screen? You use it every single day, and if you touch it with unwashed hands, it's going to spread bacteria and clog up your pores. All you need to do is find wipes with hydrogen peroxide, and get into the habit of wiping down the surfaces to kill the bacteria. We all know the importance of looking after our skin when we are out in the sun, but we have to remember that when it comes to looking after a face in our daily lives, it's a combination of what we put into our bodies and the importance of hygiene.