UK local traveling places for 2021

Life has been quite slow for everyone this year due to the global pandemic hitting every corner of the world. People stopped communicating to work or travelling for vacations and work as well. Travelling abroad got way more complicated than before, with borders being closed, testing or quarantine rules.

Whether you've been lucky enough to be able to escape somewhere this year or not, next year it won't be unfortunately anyhow different. The world has changed, the travel industry has changed and so does our mindset towards travelling. Earlier this year I have posted about my idea of slow travel, as I was eager to explore different cultures and countries to elaborate on my experience and knowledge of the world. However, since the whole world is getting slightly tricky to travel around, part of the slow travel concept is also to explore your local area.

Many of us neglected the beautiful places in your own country, and with the global pandemic situation happening at the moment, local travelling has increased its interest by travellers. Whether you are looking for a staycation in your own city, a weekend away or even a full week break, there are plenty of beautiful places to explore in the UK. Most travellers tend to stick to London, which is understandable — it’s a great city! However, there are many more beautiful historical cities and nature to see!

With the year 2020 being at the end, let me share with you my top 5 places around the UK for your 2021 local travelling plans. Regardless of your travel styles or travel lengths, there is always something for everyone to do! I have written the post in collaboration with, but all my views own. 

The easiest way to get around for your local trips is by doing a road trip with a car, as not only you don't need to wear masks and can be in your comfort space, but you will be able to adapt your trip as you wish throughout they way. Make sure to always keep social distancing, check government news for any last minute updates regarding your international or local travels and keep yourself and everyone else safe!

1. Scotland

Scotland is such a beautiful place that you need to spend a bit more time around here to travel around. From historical cities like Edinburgh to the stunning nature around. Scotland has everything catered for any traveller, from castles, beaches, historical city centers, mountains or little islands. 

2. Cornwall

Cornwall is a county in south west of England encompassing wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches. It has many picturesque villages and a popular places for surfing in the UK. 

UK local traveling places for 2021

3. Cotswolds

Cotswolds is a rural area in south central of England with medieval villages and greenery space. Covering nearly 800 square miles across five counties (Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire), the “wolds”, or rolling hills, is the biggest of the 38 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales.

4. Lake District

The Lake District is a region and national park in Cumbria in northwest England. A popular vacation destination, it’s known for its glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains and historic literary associations. It is a beautiful place to loosen yourself in the biggest National Parks in the UK.

5. Wales

Wales is a country in southwest Great Britain known for its rugged coastline, mountainous national parks, distinctive Welsh language and Celtic culture. You can go visit the famous cities of Wales such as Cardiff, as well as Snowdonia, another national park of the UK. 

UK local traveling places for 2021