4 tips for a perfect staycation at home

Things may be slowly re-opening in your city, or the borders of countries may be also lifting their restrictions and slowly welcoming tourists, as they rely on tourism during summer and the economy is scared of another recession. Nevertheless, after so many months of being home and working from home, it is somewhat now "normal" and it is nice to further lengthen our staycation at home, with the sun and vibe you can create like you would be on holidays.

Some tips on how to leverage your perfect staycation at home:

Breakfast in bed

Your breakfast may not be a buffet-style with a wide range of sweet and sour choices as in hotels, but you can still enjoy the quiet perfect morning making a delicious breakfast to bed for yourself, family or your partner. Why not to get inspired by your favourite brunch place or themed dishes? From a perfect stack of pancakes to healthy bowl. Whether you are craving for sweet or sour, you can have it all! Extend your slow morning by eating on the bed, watching TV or gazing out to the summer out of your window.

4 tips for a perfect staycation at home


Having some greenery at home always brighten up the room. Whether you love plants and gardening or not, you can always find suitable plant options for yourself. Look for perfect indoor plants or even plants for your garden or balcony. Make sure to check the suitable conditions of your place and for the plants. You don't want to kill that plant or grow it badly! I especially love putting plants on my balcony, as when it is sunny, I can just lay out, sun bathe and watch the plant shadows playing on my skin. Some people love to put plants in their bathroom to create a nature oasis while they shower or take bath, imagine like an open bathroom in Bali. 

Outdoor oasis

Apart from the plants, check some outdoor furniture for your summer evenings. From lounge chairs to even BBQ! A perfect excuse to invite handful of friends over for some drinks and dinner, isn't it good idea? Create the perfect relaxing vibe outdoor, whether you have garden or small balconies. Utilise the outdoor space as much as you can and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine whilst you are comfortably home. 

Home-made cocktails

Save your bar money by making yourself a perfect summer cocktails and mocktails. Get inspired by fresh fruits, summer smells and your favourite drinks. Sip your drink during your dinner, in front of the TV or outdoor. Who said you need to go to bars to get the amazing cocktails only? And who said you have to pay so much for cokctails while you can now make yourself home. Just buy the basic ingredients or check some cocktail making kits and start mixing! 

4 tips for a perfect staycation at home