15 best coffee shops in Brno

Brno is love. Not only it is my hometown, and I love returning back home, but it has so much changed in the past years! More tourists are seen in the city, more international exchange students are spotted around, but also more dining and bar places have been opened throughout the years. It is always thrilling to see people enjoying their times outside when the weather is nice. Definitely a place to put on your bucket list if you are travelling to Czech Republic!

So many specialities shops, espresso bars, vegan places, boutique shops and so on! Let me share with you 15 coffee places in Brno you should need to know about! I have to still explore many more places myself! There is so many more places that are with to mention and maybe, I'll do an updated post later! Are there any places in Brno that you came across that are worth mentioning?

These coffee shops serve breakfasts, brunches and some of them are open until evening to serve dinners and cocktails too! Brno is a popular and rising place to be to explore the nightlife and dining scene! I know some people pick the places based on how they look inside or how tasty their food looks like. Therefore, I am adding a photo for each coffee place!

15 best coffee shops in Brno

1. Monogram Espresso bar

A cute little espresso bar located not far away from the main train station and Cathedral of St. Peter and Pavel. When it is nice weather, you may sit outside as well and overlook to the beautiful Brno monuments just nearby.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Monogram Espresso Bar 

2. In Watermelon Sugar

A friendly coffee shop that serves perfect homemade cakes and food as well. They are located in the city center, so very easy to find for locals and tourists.

3. Kafec

Kafec is a chain of coffee shops that is popular particularly for breakfasts. They'll have anything from sweet to sour dishes for people to enjoy their morning start. However, they are open until evening, so you can dine and drink the whole day.

4. SKOG Urban Hub

SKOG is a spacious coffee shop located just opposite the New Town Hall in the city center. It is often referred to as a hipster place of Brno, due to the minimal, rustic wooden interior style. They are open from morning until midnight, turning the place into a chill bar for people to hangout.

15 best coffee shops in Brno

15 best coffee shops in Brno

5. Industra

Industra is located a bit off the city center, so it is not a place you would come across by a chance, you'll actually need to know about this place and plan your way here. They are open only from Wednesdays until Sunday, where on the weekend they serve brunches as well. It's a great coffee shop in a non-traditional setting, and apart from the coffee shop, this space serves as well for cultural events, exhibitions and other co-working settings.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Credit: Restu 

6. Mandlarna

Mandlarna in Brno is a second coffee shop of this brand that they have opened, based on their unique almond liqueurs and distillates that they are producing. Apart from these, they'll, of course, serve coffee and cakes in store! Located not far away from Spalicek mall and New Town Hall.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Mandlarna

7. Rebel Bean

Rebel Bean is not only a great coffee shop, but also they produce and sell their coffee as a wholesale. They got one small branch in Jundrov, one of the neighbourhood in Brno, and the other larger space for seating just off the city center, not far off the train station. 

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Archiweb

15 best coffee shops in Brno

8. Fabrik Urban House

A tiny rustic coffee shops located nearby Janacek theatre. In this tiny space, you can also get desserts and warm food.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Fabric House

9. Vecerka

Vecerka is a fairly new opened place in the city, serving coffees, food as well as drinks. They are opened the entire day to serve their customers. They have been opened by Vietnamese entrepreneurs, so expect some Vietnamese fusion in the menu!

15 best coffee shops in Brno

10. Kafe Friedrich

A little coffee place where they also serve vegan food is located just nearby Luzanky park. For this tiny space, make sure to reserve a table if you are planning to come here!

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Magion Architect

11. Mymika

Located off the city center, Mymika is a great place to relax, work or meet up, as their interior will make you feel like a home from home. They do serve also wide assortment on the menu. At Mymika, they do often hosts various events as well, so make sure to follow them on FB and check what they got on.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Mymika

12. Punkt

Not located far from Park Luzanky, this coffee shop serve variety of coffee specialities as well as homemade cakes and food. As few other coffee shops, this place is open until late, turning it to a nice chill place for people to gather and have a drink.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Czechdesign

13. Marinada store

A great place to chill at any time. Marinada store is not only a coffee shop, but also a wine bar, bistro and a selected grocery shop. This place is popular especially for their breakfasts and brunches, but yet again, they are open until late.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Marinada

14. Milady kaffee

A calm and small place located in the pulsing neighbourhood of Brno, just outside the city center.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: European Coffee Trip

15. Cafe Morgal

Fairly new open place opened up in Moravian gallery. With the open outdoor seating area, and gallery just nearby, this place is great for people to enjoy art, exhibitions and other activities that they host in here.

15 best coffee shops in Brno
Source: Morgal