Waking Up Your Face If You're Looking Super Tired Lately

Between the stresses of lockdown, changes to our daily schedule, and everything going on in the world right now, we all have a right to feel tired. However, if you’re getting a little self-conscious about looking that way, there are ways to handle it. Here are a few of the issues that might be making you look a little more exhausted lately, and a few tips that can help you handle it.

Brighten up your skin

Looking less tired and looking much fresher is actually one of the most common reasons that women wear makeup, according to some surveys. Dryness is one of the biggest culprits of dry, lifeless skin and, as such, using products such as tinted moisturizers can make a big difference, adding a more lively shade to your skin whilst also keeping it hydrated. You can also buff your skin, getting rid of the excess dead skin cells that can dull it to a great degree. While you don’t want to do it too much in the morning, when your skin still has all those healthy oils in it, regular exfoliation can do a lot to refresh that upper-most layer.

Those dark circles

When it comes to looking tired or alert, then there’s no denying that it’s all in the eyes. There are a lot of different ways that your eyes can represent that tiredness, too, so you need to choose an approach that works. Colorescience provide makeup for dark circles under eyes, helping you largely deal with the discolouration and make the change in tint look a lot more natural while also making your eyes pop all the more. However, there is also the issue of puffiness, dry skin, and bags to deal with. A good moisturizing eye cream can do a lot to help you treat the deeper sources of tired eyes before you brighten them up with a little makeup. When your eyes look refreshed, your whole face is going to look much more alert.

Waking Up Your Face If You're Looking Super Tired Lately


Wake up with a massage

It might sound pointless and even a little silly, but something as simple as a five-minute massage for the face can do a lot of good. It improves blood flow throughout the skin, which both affects the elasticity of your skin, not to mention your muscle tone. It can also help work out the excess fluid that might be trapped in parts, making your skin look a little puffier. Glamour Magazine shows off a few good cleansing balms to use on the face and help wash and rejuvenate your skin as you whip it up into a better shape. Add a little facial freshening time to your morning routine. 

 If you’re feeling tired and stress, then you shouldn’t only worry about how you look. While you can take steps to improve the exterior, you should spend a little time caring for the interior as well. Pick up a hobby, try meditation, take good care of yourself, because it’s important to check in and make sure that we’re okay.