Love Your Loft Space

Lofts often end up becoming dumping grounds for clutter. However, a loft can be used for so much more. Here are just a few great ways to repurpose your attic and get the most out of this unique space.

An extra bedroom

Converting a loft into an extra bedroom can have a lot of benefits. It could be a great place for guests to stay or even somewhere for a lodger to stay. It could even be a way to accommodate for a growing family without having to upsize. 

On top of this, an extra bedroom is a sure way to add value to your home. To be legally classed as a bedroom, your loft space will need to be a certain height and will ideally need a staircase so that it has a suitable fire exit. It’s worth insulating the space and adding electrics. You could even add an en suite bathroom so that those staying in this room don’t have to take a trip downstairs to use the toilet in the night. Features like a skylight could even allow people to watch the stars from their room.

Love Your Loft Space

A home office

If you work from home, a loft could make a great home office. It’s isolated from the rest of the house, allowing you to work without being disturbed. You’ll probably want to insulate the space to keep it cosy and add electric sockets for a computer. Some extra lighting may also be necessary as attics can be dimly lit. Loft ladders are usually enough if you’re just treating it as a personal office. However, if you want to bring clients to your office, you may want to fit a staircase.

A gym

A loft could even be converted into a gym. It could give you a space to store bulky gym equipment and could allow you a place to concentrate on exercise. Minimal improvements may be needed to turn a loft into a gym. Electrics may be necessary if you want to add plug-in machinery or a TV. You may also want to add lighting or a skylight to brighten up space. It could also be worth reinforcing the flooring if you plan to put heavy equipment up there or carry out physical activities such as jumping and jogging – not all loft spaces have particularly strong flooring.

An extra living space

You could also consider turning your loft into an extra lounge. This could be a living space for kids to hang out that could allow you to enjoy your own living space. It could even be a games room for adding a pool table (although getting a pool table up into a loft may be no easy task). It could be worth spending money on lighting and electrics, as well as insulation in order to keep the space cosy. Adding a staircase could make the space more guest-friendly.

Love Your Loft Space