How traveling will be like post Covid-19?

How travelling will be like post Covid-19? I have been asking this question a lot, how it will be like after everything will end, if anytime soon totally. People will definitely want to go out somewhere, away from their home, somewhere nice, somewhere where they can resume back to normal. There will be definitely demand for vacations and people taking proper days off. 


The thing is that we have been self-isolated now for weeks, months even now, and counting days more. As much as they crave for some human connection, people are being much more cautious. I have read so many articles from new technologies in airlines, processes in the borders to how tourism will adopt the new norm. We will certainly be able to travel soon, so many people and economies rely on tourism, but it won't be same at all anymore.

Tourism has been one of the industries that have been hit in the first place when Covid-19 started to become a global health crisis. We’re still deep in the trenches of the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s impossible to predict when or how travel might resume, let alone the idea of people wandering the world carefree. Recovery will take place and mindset of people towards travelling will totally change. It is still an uncertain area for many of us and for many countries. Nothing is certain how it will be like, and here are few of my thoughts on that and I am curious to hear your thoughts on how travelling be like after Covid-19? When do you think you'll make the first trip? To where? What will you be doing? 

Personal space will be much important. 
People would be willing to spend a bit more on their choice of seating, class or the way how they will commute and travel around. 

Airbnb type places that you can disinfect yourself and have the whole space for yourself will be the first potential place to go for many of people who want to travel, but still, have a fear of humans and crowded places. Probably people will start camping more or travel in their own vans and vehicles. 

How traveling will be like post Covid-19?

Domestic travelling will be popular. It will give many of us a taste for adventures and travelling, and especially you are close to your home. Nevertheless, your own home country is always the least unexplored place, so definitely it is a good opportunity to know your home country a bit more. 

People venturing out to a less beaten path. Such as Africa, East Europe, islands or other countries that have been impacted the least with Covid-19, and those places that are not popular by tourists as much. Probably we will start making more nature vacations or hire luxurious places on a deserted island, there are plenty of ways of travelling how people can take. 

People will make travelling much slower, they will be more aware of their carbon footprint, the sustainability of the planet and health. Overall, I am curious about how it all will turn out.