Choosing your art pictures and posters for your naked walls

Nothing can give vibrancy and personality to a room like wall arts. If you have been following my journey on Instagram, you may know, that I have recently moved flats, and started a new chapter of my life - as a proud homeowner. 

It has been quite a journey getting paper working, bills and furniture sort out during this pandemic lockdown, but I have made and would say that the flat is about 75% done. Still missing few furniture and loads of decorations, but will take it slow now. But more on my progress later, this deserves a whole post about it, so follow on for some updates and inspiration!

Furnishing and decorating a totally empty place is for sure an excitement and frustration by itself. After sorting my furniture out, the next big step is to give a blank space some life. When it comes to getting some nice posters and art to a flat, I am always cautious about what I am going for so it matches to my overall look and feel of the room, as well as a poster or art that I won't get bored of it in few weeks or months. Of course, I will be expecting to change my decorations and colours of the room from time to time, but some pieces are made to stay for longer.  

Choosing your art pictures and posters for your naked walls

There are plenty of outlets where you can purchase all sort of art and posters. However, I have collaborated with Posterlounge to showcase what great quality posters they got to choose from to suit every style, room and sizes. Posterlounge aims to bring a splash of colour into our life with a wide range of wall pictures and art prints. They ship across Europe and offers beautiful frames made by hand as well. Let me share with you a few simple steps of my thinking when it comes to getting an art wall. Because whether you purchase a printed poster, limited collection or an original art piece, it is an investment and it is what shapes the personality and flow of your room. So even though you have an opportunity to re-decorated or re-furbish it however you want, you don't want to keep changing the styles each month, right? So getting something to your core vision and values is as important as getting that nice cosy and expensive sofa.

1. Where it will be hanged?
When it comes to thinking about what artwork I want in my room, first ask yourself a question: Where it will be hanged or lean on a piece of furniture? Will it be in the living room? Bedroom? Kitchen? Hallway? Bathroom? Because the place may determine what you want on the picture, and it can create a flow through your home. 

2. What colour?
Next steps, what are the existing colours of the room? What furniture you have already? What colours do you like? What colours will match the colours in the room? Do you want to go with complementary colours or contrasting? Try to put together a small colour palette to identify the best art wall colour combination. 

3. What size?
Moving on, you will check what size of the frame you want to fit in there? Are you planning to have one single picture frame or a collection of multiple ones? How many frames you want there? How it will be organized? Try to sketch out or measure the space you have for your art on your wall. Write that all down so you will know what you will be looking for.

4. Look for inspiration
It always helps me to go on Instagram or browse through Pinterest and check some interior design inspiration of other people. This will help me to shape what I like, whether I want something similar to this, or I find some ideas I have not thought about. Save it or pin it for your reference.
What style do you like? What mood do you want to set with the art in that room? 

5. Browse through Posterlounge offerings
Almost getting to purchase your dreamy art painting or poster, now it time to browse through hundreds of options and find the perfect match for you. Filter out options to make it easier for you, look through your favourite artists, colours, style or type of the art wall you want. Do you want a poster, canvas, wood print or acrylic? Do you want it framed or unframed? And so on. It took me days literally to check through all the amazing work out there to choose what I want, and if I can, I would choose definitely more and find a place to hang them all somewhere. I have found several I like, and throughout the time or friend's opinion, I have slowly eliminated until one winner is being left. 

Choosing your art pictures and posters for your naked walls

To conclude, it is fun to decorate those naked walls in your flat. It will give such a huge difference to your room, and don't be afraid to show your personality through your choice of art. Nevertheless, most often, we choose art prints and decorations based on our guts and mood, and then we sort out where they should be position. Either way, it is fine, as long as it will give your room some personality and brighten it up. 

For my living room, I wanted a large poster print that would fill my empty space in a corner. My room style is very minimal with limited tones. Therefore, I wanted a minimalistic art with a splash of colours that would give it to the room. I have opt-in for this Horizon premium print by Elisabeth Fredriksson. I have also bought matching colours cushions to enhance the colours in my living room. With the Horizon print, I have ordered a white frame build by hand from Posterlounge. Next, I have also got a smaller print of beautiful Flowering magnolias by Magda Izzard, which I am still not sure where it will sit. For now, it is placed on a sideboard in the living room and might move it to a bedroom once it will be more furnished. 

I would love to see other art walls in your houses and how have you decorated!