3 beauty products I use for WFH during quarantine

Whilst being at home make-up free or with make-up, we should still take extra care of our skin. This is a chance and time to give your skin to heal, breathe and glow, as you are not exposing your skin too often to a hectic day outside or not having too many long night evenings. 

For myself, I always opt-in for Vitamin C serum, hydrating moisturizers with SPF for oily skin, and lip balm. These are my top 3 beauty products I use during quarantine at home or out for walks. I should not forget to mention that daily washing your face, weekly exfoliating and weekly masks are also a must to take care of your skin, so don't forget your usual routine just because you are home and with nowhere to go now!

Vitamin C serums

“Vitamin C is one of the most effective antioxidants out there when it comes to brightening skin and preventing fine lines and wrinkles,” says dermatologist Shari Marchbein, MD.  It is suitable for all skin care types, and it helps to even out your skin, reduce redness and also reduce the appearance of black circles under your eye. Applied in the morning on clean, dry skin, vitamin C helps prevent free-radical damage from things like UV and pollution to keep your skin healthy and glowy. Currently I am using Dear Klarirs- Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum, it is a Korean beauty brand and so far so good. A tiny drop is all needed to cover the face with a serum, it is light weighted, and does not leave any oily marks during the day.

Moisturizer with SPF

After applying a serum with Vitamin C, make sure to apply a moisturizer, and preferably the one with SPF one on. Even though you are staying home the whole time, you never know. Even if you go out for exercise, to a supermarket or just chilling on a balcony or a garden, you are exposed to sunlight, and you should protect your skin. The key to protecting your complexion from damaging UVA and UVB rays as well as pollution, wearing SPF 30 (or ideally 50) is every dermatologist's secret. No need for heavy sun creams that leaves you with a thick white layer, use SPF moisturizers that are lightweight and hydrating instead, to leave your skin more radiant. Currently I am using My Clarins re-boost hydrating cream and Olay lightweight moisturizer with SPF15. My skin tends to get very quickly oily, thus I always seek for moisturizers that are oil-free and give my skin a radiance glow and hydration throughout the day.

Lip balm

I often have dry lips, even outside of winter times. Therefore I often need to carry a lip balm or a lipstick that moisturizes my lips with me. At home, I can skip all sorts of lipsticks, and just stick with non-colored lip balms that do it jobs. The skin on our lips is the most delicate on our faces, which is why it’s one of the first areas to become dry. Lip balms are great to not only provide the shine and hydration for your lips but also it is a must-have for any base of your lipstick unless your lipstick has already hydrating substance in it. Subtle sheeny balms are the solution. Less sticky than a gloss, but more hydrating than a lipstick, they’re the ideal in-between. And they can even provide a pretty tint for no-makeup-makeup days, too. At the moment, I use various lip balms that I have close to my hand, and don't stick to one brand. I have lip balms in my bags, on my desk, bedside table, bathrooms, everywhere where is usually needed. At the moment, one of the lip balms I have currently is the one from La Roche Posay. However, have to also recommend Apoth and Co lip care trio products, one for exfoliation, hydrating and moisturizing, all the care you need for your lips. 

3 beauty products I use for WFH during quarantine