Getting the healthy and natural skin care look during quarantine

With quarantine in place in many places, which impact not only many businesses but us, individuals. We should keep continuing to make ourselves happy and productive. We'll adopt a ‘skinimalist’ approach. Instead of staying the whole day in PJs, you should change your clothes. Whether to another loungewear look or an outfit you would go out with. You would feel better, and fresher. On top of this routine, you should not forget about your skincare. From your day to night products, exfoliation, masks to putting your basic make-up on. Nowhere to go for your weekly or monthly appointments at a beauty studio? That is why you should be taking extra care of your inner self.

1. Get professional skincare devices at home
The range is wide, from the steamer, exfoliating devices, UV lighting, anti-aging, and wrinkles gadgets. The choice is yours. Invest in a home product that you can use on a weekly basis to remove dead skin and reveal radiant and glowing skin. The skincare processes and products can be endless, and it is always worth to research what works for your skin and what your skin needs.
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2. Use multi-purpose products to cut down on consumption
We all are being sold multiple products with different functions and promised outcomes. One moisture just for eyes, the other one for a day, for a night, for face, for body and so on. Do we really need all those varieties of products? The simple answer is no. Find the products for a multi-purpose and declutter the consumption and the shelf space in your room as well. Some great swap tips are for example to use your lipstick on your cheek or eyes or contour using concealer. Shop some great multi-purpose products below:

Getting the healthy and natural skin care look during quarantine

3. No make-up look
"Makeup artists use very little product and lightly apply it to the skin, blending lots as we go. It's how we can create a glowing base that looks like it's still skin." Therefore having a good base for skin is a key for no make-up look. The best tip that I have for you is to wear colors close to your natural skin tone, and ones that just enhance and perfect your skin. Once you nail down the great foundation for your skin tone, add on a little (if any) blush, mascara, and brow to complete your full nude look.

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4. Top up your lashes for a full look
If you are one of the people who regularly went for eyelash extensions and top-up, you'll find the struggle of not having anywhere to go to fill your fallen lashes. Either you can let your natural lashes to breathe or you can use fake lashes to boost your confidence. You can either apply a full eyelash set or just individual pieces for your complete look. You can find many types and variations on the market, and it all depends on the final look you are going after. Are you looking for a more natural look? Or a dramatic look? Check the specialized stores like for lashes to get all you need, from sets, individual false lashes, an extension lashes to glue or applicator tools.
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Getting the healthy and natural skin care look during quarantine

Getting the healthy and natural skin care look during quarantine
Wearing saying slip dress from Femme Luxe Finery and lashes from

Make sure to change your pajamas to your loungewear, joggers, basic t-shirts or any day to day outfit so you can look fresh and feel better throughout the day. Apart from your facial skincare, don't forget about the health of your mind! As long as it makes you feel better and productive throughout the lock downtime, just do it for yourself. 

5. Use and make your own natural remedies
Now you have plenty of time to try out new things at home. From cooking, a new skill to even doing your own natural beauty products. There are plenty of online resources and videos on how to make your own facial mask or hair mask, by just using simple items that are probably in your cupboard or fridge already. Do you know that for example, avocado provides your skin with minerals and vitamins, as well as it promotes elasticity of your skin? Or that cucumber soothes and softens your skins while tightening open pores? And there are many other benefits, whether you are looking for glowing skin, reducing pores or acnes.
Getting the healthy and natural skin care look during quarantine