Top Garden Design Trends for 2020

This year, gardening is all about making the best use of what you already have and making the best choices for our environment and local wildlife.

2020 is set to be the year of sustainability in every area of our lives. Here are the top trends for garden design this year.

Vertical Gardening

Not all of us are lucky enough o have big open gardens. Some of us live in apartment buildings with balconies or only have access to a small courtyard at the back of our home. For these people, vertical gardening is the answer for those still wanting a garden. 

Vertical gardening is about taking the small outdoor space you have and creating a garden that grows up utilizing the space. Vertical gardens come in all shapes and sizes and can work with any small space. Vertical veggie gardens have been the most popular choice allowing those in small apartments to make their own food and become more self-sufficient.

Top Garden Design Trends for 2020


To help limit the amount of waste going to landfill, composting is an innovative way of dealing with organic waste. A composter acts like a trash can, but rather than being collected by waste management services, the waste naturally decomposes to create nutrient-rich soil. 

This soil can then be repurposed for your garden, helping to grow healthy and robust plant-life. This helps to remove the strain on waste management services and landfills while allowing organic waste to be recycled into a useful purpose.


Upcycling is when you take something old and used and turn into something completely different. Gardeners are increasingly looking to repurpose their old materials to new items for their garden. Old wood can be turned into outdoor tables, and old washing machine drums turned into firepits. The possibilities are endless, and the internet is packed full of incredible upcycling ideas. 

Upcycling is also helping to avoid many plastic materials heading to landfill, plastic bottles can be repurposed into plant pots with ease.

Top Garden Design Trends for 2020

Social Spaces

As the cost of everything continues to increase, and out salaries stagnate, creating more social spaces at home has become a popular idea. Beautiful BBQ areas made up of wooden decking and covered by Markilux Awnings create a perfect place to relax and eat with friends and family. 

Outdoor bar areas created with old wood and with designated seating areas are another trend. People want to bring their family and friends together in a beautiful relaxing outdoor retreat to enjoy each other’s company.

Top Garden Design Trends for 2020

Wildlife Friendly Gardens

With the population numbers of bees, butterflies, and many other animals on the decrease, people are creating gardens that specifically support local wildlife

This typically includes:  
  • Flower beds designed to lure insects. 
  • Bird boxes and feeding. 
  • Letting the grass grow wild. 
  • Supporting the growth of ivy. 
  • Insect hotels. 
  • Building ponds. 

It’s essential that we start to support the local wildlife by returning to more wild and natural gardens. For years, we have been creating unnatural outdoor spaces with non-native plants and heavy pesticides. It’s time to get back to nature and rewild our gardens.