My love for sheer and statement sleeves is not over yet. From more sophisticated tops to more extravagant sleeve tops. I have fallen in love with this white organza puffy sleeve top from Femme Luxe on the first sight. Great to spice up your look with the season of Fashion Week around the city. Easy to pair with skirts, your favorite blue jeans or any trousers, for something a little more subtle, but no less on-trend. When statement puffy sleeves, make sure to combine your look to more sophisticated and subtle pieces, as you want to still look extra, but not over extra, if you know what I mean. 

The puff sleeve is both flattering and playful, a very romantic gesture to your look. It is not a new trend, as it has been around since 80's even, and it is just about pairing and silhouettes. Bring some drama to your wardrobe and shop some white extravagant puffy sleeve tops below!