Create Your Dream Decor Without Going Broke: A How To Guide

Maybe you have an idea in your head of how you want your decor to look - clean, and crisp with interesting lines, or maybe you want something a little more traditional. Whatever your dream decor is, you can create it without spending your life savings. Here, we’ll talk about how you can get started on your dream decor. Take a look:

1. Keep What You Can

You don’t need to start from a completely blank canvas. Doing so can help, but it’ll cost you more to replace all of the furniture and pieces that you have gotten rid of. Try to keep what you can. If you have to get rid of something, consider thrifting before anything else. Thrifting is so much more affordable and you can find some real gems.

2. Swap Out Accessories

By simply swapping out your accessories you could create a brand new look in your home. All you need to do is choose accessories in the style you have chosen and you can give your home a brand new look. Cushions, throws, and similar accessories can be used to create the style you love. This could be enough, and when you get bored of the look, all you have to do is swap them out again.

3. Consider Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of your decor. Do you want it to feel atmospheric, or bright and happy? Maybe you want it to be both, depending on the time of day. Make sure you invest in appropriate window dressings, and consider a new lamp or two if your lighting is lacking. The bulbs you use can make a huge difference, too. String lights are a great way to create a magical atmosphere in the evening, if that’s what you’re going for.

Create Your Dream Decor Without Going Broke: A How To Guide

4. The Smallest Additions Make A Big Difference

Even the smallest additions to your decor can make a huge difference to the finished look. Flowers and plants for instance, they aren't too expensive but they can really brighten up your home and add life.

5. Use An App To Get the Lay-Out Right

Have you considered using an app to rejig your lay-out? You could create a lay-out that makes more sense this way. It’s much cheaper than hiring a real interior designer! If you do need to hire an interior designer for a little help, there’s the option of Buddy Loans - although you’ll need to consider how this will affect you and your plans to redecorate in the long run. Try the app first to see how you get on.

6. Get Crafty

Get crafty with your decor and you will create a truly original space that you can be proud of. You don’t need to commision original artwork - you can simply frame pictures from magazines. How about painting a mural, or using stencils to create some clean and crisp lines on the wall? There are so many things you can do if you just use your imagination. Try checking out pinterest to see what you can do if you’re stuck on ideas.

Create Your Dream Decor Without Going Broke: A How To Guide

7. Don’t Forget To Excite All Of The Senses

You want your entire decor to look amazing, so you need to excite all of the senses - not just sight! Bring in touch, using plenty of texture. You even want to get some amazing scents involved, so try aromatherapy or a room spray to freshen up your furniture, throws, and cushions. All of these things make a huge difference to how your decor feels in its entirety.

8. Buy A New Mirror

A new mirror can help to make any room look bigger. If you buy a stylish mirror, it’ll really add to the new feel of your decor, reflecting light around the room and helping to create the vibe you desire. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, and you could even find something secondhand for a good price.

Create Your Dream Decor Without Going Broke: A How To Guide

9. Show Off Your Favourite Memories

One of the things people forget to do is personalize their decor. Why not show off your favourite memories with the people you love? It shouldn’t look like a showhome or something straight out of Pinterest! Put up your favourite pictures so that you smile whenever you see them. You could even create a gallery wall!

Hopefully you now have some ideas to perk up your decor and make it look closer to the style you like, even if you can’t afford to replace all of your furniture. Do you have any tricks you’d like to share? Leave a comment.