Quick guide to Bari


Bari is a port and university city in Puglia region on the Adriatic Sea, it is also considered to be the capital of Puglia. Most probably, if you are travelling to Puglia, you will fly to Bari. 

Bari and other Pugliese towns have maze-like old towns with beautiful churches and narrow streets. In Bari, you will be able to find ports, basilicas, 19th century architecture buildings, pedestrinized shopping areas as well as a sandy beach closeby. 

Let's explore what we can do and see in Bari.

1. Visit Basilica San Nicola

The basilica of San Nicola was built between 1087 and 1197. Noticed, that the church is in a square appearance, rather than other traditional churches. The interior has a nave and two aisles, divided by granite columns and pilasters. The Basilica houses one of the most noteworthy Romanesque sculptural works of southern Italy, also not to mention the beautiful roof details!

Quick guide to Bari

2. Go around the Svevo Castle

The Castello Svevo is a castle in the Apulian city of Bari, Italy. Built around 1132 by Norman King Roger II, and it is currently used for various historical and archeological exhibitions. It is a large complex just outside the historical center. 

Quick guide to Bari

Quick guide to Bari

3. Explore the hub of Bari city life from Piazza Mercantile

Piazza Mercantile is one of the important squares and commercial center since the 14th century in Bari. Today, it still serves at the hub for a city life packed by dining places and cultural events hosted on this square. It is also the headquarter for Bari's council of Nobles and the Colonna della Giustizia, a place where debtors were once tied and whipped.

4. Don't miss the less famous Bari cathedral

Even though cathedral of Bari is less famous then the basilica of San Nicola, this is actually Bari cathedral. Built over the original Byzantine church in the 12th and 13th century, it is technically the most important church in Bari. Even though it might not be as impressive and decorate as the other one, don't miss a visit in Bari cathedral while strolling around the city center. 

Quick guide to Bari

Quick guide to Bari

5. Relax at Pane e Pomodoro beach

Do you know that not far from Bari center you can relax and get some tan on Pane e Pomodoro beach? It is one of the sandy beaches in Puglia actually, even though it may not be the prettiest one. It is about 15 min walk from Bari city center, you can take the seaside promenade walk to admire the beautiful views on Adriatic sea.

6. Visit Margherita theater

Just outside the Bari city center and not far from the commercial center, you can admire the beautiful Margherita theater building, which is one of the history theaters of Bari that was opened in 1910. The Teatro Margherita was used as a theatre and cinema until 1979, today, the place is converted into a museum of contemporary art. 

7. Check out San Francesco lido

Another sandy beach further out from Bari city center is this one - San Francesco lido. Maybe a better place for those who are driving, but also easy to get to by local buses and trains. If you are staying in Bari for longer and got bored of the Pane e Pomodoro beach, then try out this lido.

Quick guide to Bari

8.  Try out orecchiette

Being in Italy in general, you should just not miss eating some amazing Italian cuisine, sipping Italian wine or tasting delicious gelatos. However, there are some specific dishes unique to Puglia region. Such as these orecchiette pasta. Their name comes from the shape, which resembles a small ear. As any true Italian pasta, they are handmade and orecchiette is typically served with a meat such as pork, capers and a crisp white wine.

Other Puglian products you should not miss, are burrattas, olive oil or various wines made from South of Italy.

Quick guide to Bari

9. Get lost in the narrow streets of old town

What is unique in these Pugliese towns, are that each one of them have a pedestrian old quarter. Don't be afraid to get lost in these narrow and picturesque streets packed with local shops and restaurants. You never know where those pretty streets may lead you. In fact, there is no way to get lost in there, as once you will get out of the old city, you will notice how streets and buildings are different. Moreover, all streets in the old quarter will somehow lead to the main squares or main points in the old city. 

Quick guide to Bari

10. Have a meal at Ristorante Giampaolo restaurant

Ristorante Giampaolo may be a seafood restaurant, but it doesn't miss any of the main Italian dishes, like risotto or even the orecchiette. Tacked down from the main street, this easily missed restaurant is set in the beautiful stoned and high ceiling room. Located just outside the city center, and nearby the castle, don't forget to pin down this place for your nice meal out in Bari.

Quick guide to Bari