Ways to Get Your Beauty Routine More Greener & Cleaner

According to the WWF, Australians use 130 kg of plastic per person each year. This means that each year up to 130,000 tones of plastic will find its way into waterways and into the ocean polluting not only the marine wildlife but for us too in the process. It’s high time we started worrying about our environment. Keeping Australia and the whole world actually, clean should be a priority. How do we do that? Easy, starting from ourselves and by changing our routines.

 For example, start from your beauty routine. How much can you help your environment just by switching to organic beauty routine? Find eco-friendly products that lack all of the unhealthy chemicals and plastic packaging and start using them. And just like that, you have already taken the first step towards the cleaner and safer environment, and ultimately, world.

 Check out these couple of steps that can help you start your eco-friendly beauty routine.

Minimize the use of plastic and water

We have to start somewhere, so let that be us trying to cut down on plastic use and water waste. While we can’t immediately throw out plastic out of our lives, we can at least try to minimize its use. For example, instead of buying shampoo in a plastic bottle, let’s buy a shampoo bar. Or let’s exchange plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones.

Another way to be mindful of your environment is by not wasting water. Don’t let the water run in vain. Turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth, and later rinse your mouth with water from a glass. Or if you’re washing your face – use sponges or washcloths. It doesn’t take much and yet it saves a lot.

Ways to Get Your Beauty Routine More Greener & Cleaner

Recycle and upcycle

Another way to be eco-friendly is by recycling and upcycling when possible. Just like with every waste, cosmetic waste can be recycled too. If your beauty products have expired or they just don’t suit you anymore – recycle them. Have a bin designated especially for recycling cosmetic products like shampoo bottles, conditioners, gels, etc. In case you have a bit of conditioner or shampoo still left in the bottle, don’t dispose it into the sink, take it out and throw it away.

Many of the products we use have containers that can be upcycled. Perfume bottles or mascara wands can be reused. Many glass containers too. Repurpose many of the leftover beauty containers and you will have done your bit in saving the earth. All it takes is a bit of creativity to keep our planet green and clean.

Find eco-friendly beauty brands

Before jumping headfirst into this change, do your research. Find products and brands which contain non-toxic ingredients and which support environmental sustainability. Thankfully, the list of brands and their eco-friendly products keeps growing every day. That’s why you won’t have any problems finding and choosing the ones that suit you. If you aren’t sure about a certain brand, let the professionals help you. Dermatologists from a dermatology clinics in your city are experts on skin and they can create an individualized treatment for your skin that contains only eco-friendly products. Or they can give you advice on brands you’re considering using. 

Additionally, eco-friendly beauty brands have declarations and labels that indicate that they are, indeed, eco-friendly. Look for labels that say green, organic, natural, compostable or biodegradable, also renewable materials or recycled content. If, in turn, you see labels that include words like mercury, toluene, lead, formaldehyde, parabens or similar, know that all of these chemicals are bad for your health and your environment, and steer clear of them.

Ways to Get Your Beauty Routine More Greener & Cleaner

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Consider making natural products

Many people are turning towards a more natural way of keeping their skin nice and healthy. A good way to keep our environment clean is by making our own natural beauty products. These products will not only be eco-friendly and organic, but they will also be free of toxic substances and thus way healthier for your skin. 

It doesn’t take much to make a natural beauty product yourself, plus they are cheaper and they make for a great gift. You can make anything from body scrub to facial cleaners – just find the recipes that suit you and your skin. 

Keeping our planet clean should be a normal thing. That’s why making your routine greener and cleaner is the least you can do to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Only if we keep our oceans clean, our air fresh and our environment healthy can we hope for a better future. It doesn’t take much to be eco-friendly and green. You just have to take the first step.

A guest post written by Helen Bradford