5 essential transitional wardrobe pieces for Autumn

Following the calendar, Autumn officially started on September 23rd, and so does the weather slowly changes. From bright sky days to gloomy mornings. From sunshine rays to drops of rain. From bloomed flowers to colourful leaves on a tree.

Every season is beautiful in a way and we should enjoy the changes of weather and vibrancy in the city. To prepare us for Autumn mood, let's have a look into 5 essential transitional wardrobe pieces that will ease your switch from summer to autumn. Not going to talk about the wardrobe basics, like simple white tees or jeans. We should all own it and know about these timeless pieces.

1. Lightweight jackets

Time to take out all lightweight jackets that you have. From denim, leather to more fashionable pieces. Probably those ones you have been wearing on chilled summer days or spring time. These jackets are perfect, as it keeps you warm as well as it suits any styling choice you make. From dresses, jeans to more semi-formal looks. My best way to combine these jackets are with dresses or tank tops. Those outfits that are summery if they are alone, but if you just throw on a jacket on top of your look, it is suddenly more autumn-ish!

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2. Midi, long dresses and skirts

Dresses are simply perfect for any occasion and season. It is just all about accessories, how we style with them and also about its material! Choose mid lengths or long styles for more effortless autumn look. Pair your dress or skirt  with jackets, sweater, hats or boots. Forget about flowers, palm leaves or any bright neon colours, take to choose more earthy and natural palette to match with the season. Think of burgundy, brown, khaki, nude, beige, grey, white or any darker colour shades. Combine your long or mid dresses, skirts or even bodycon tshirt dress for Autumn looks. They all go well with jackets, boots, sweaters or hats. Be creative.

5 essential transitional wardrobe pieces for Autumn

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3. Ankle boots

Definitely do invest into a pair or two of ankle boots. There are plenty of styles to choose from, from flats to heels, buckled up to zip or to different materials and shapes. They are great necessity to your autumn wardrobe as they are perfect for jeans as well as skirt and dresses. Just imagine yourself wearing any of them to go to work, go out for drinks or jump into a pile of leaves.

5 essential transitional wardrobe pieces for Autumn

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4. Cardigans and knitwear

What is cold season without nice chunky knitwear and cozy cardigans to smuggle in, right? Always pick the right knitwear so you won't end up being itchy from it. Cardigans and jumpers don't need to be boring! Try out over-sized ones, turtle neck, poncho or deconstructive ones.

5 essential transitional wardrobe pieces for Autumn

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5. Twill pants

This summer linen was the trendy fabric to wear and for autumn, opt in for twill pants. Twill refers to the diagonal pattern in which cloth is often woven. Summer wasn't only about skirt, but also about pants. Hence this wide-leg pants trends is carrying on to Autumn and it is suitable as a working wear or casual wear.

5 essential transitional wardrobe pieces for Autumn

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