The Ultimate Collection of Inspirational Trip Of A Lifetime Ideas

If you have been saving up your pennies for the past few years and your keen on splashing the cash that you have in your nest egg on the trip of a lifetime, you have a lot to consider. A global jaunt to a destination that you’ve always had your heart on seeing will inevitably cost a lot of money. Pair this with your expectations, and there’s a lot riding on this trip of a lifetime. You don’t want to spend thousands of pounds only to return home feeling thoroughly short changed. Instead, you need to do your research and plan for your adventure.

Having a wanderlust itch and having the financial means to scratch it is a luxury. If you’re keen to plan your dream trip overseas, you need to think about visas, documentation, accommodation, travelling style, packing, who you’ll go with, how many destinations you’ll hit and how long you’ll go for, and a heck of a lot more. That’s a lot of planning! However, before you get into the nitty gritty of the finer details, you need to decide where you’re hot footing it to. Take a look at these inspirational destination guides to help you plan your trip of a lifetime.

The Ultimate Collection of Inspirational Trip Of A Lifetime Ideas


The Land of the Rising Sun is about as different from the UK as you can get. Venturing from a multicultural society to a monocultural one can be a shock. However, the Japanese are renowned for welcoming tourists with open arms and expertly showing off their culture, heritage and scenic beauty. Perfect for all sorts of travellers, you could be scaling Mount Fuji one day before heading to Hiroshima, to learn about the legacy of World War II.

Japan is a sight to behold with a whole host of stunning temples and Buddhas to marvel at. You could choose to do some temple hopping just north of Tokyo in Kamakura, or perhaps you’d prefer to head a little bit off the beaten track and venture to the island of Miyajima. With the most glorious temple at the top of Mount Misen and plenty of shrines to keep your interest as you climb, this can be a great break from the city crowds. You might even become acquainted with the wild deer and monkeys en route. 

 Japan is a foodie paradise with more ramen, sushi and tonkatsu than you can shake a stick at. Every region has its speciality, so don’t overlook the most simplest of dishes. Always follow the local crowds. Many of the best restaurants in Kyoto and Tokyo don’t have large signs beckoning in tourists. Listen out for the slurps. The louder they are, the more appreciative the diners are of the food. If you adore rustic yet authentic street food, venture to Dotonburi in Osaka. There’s no better way to while away a few hours in the evening.

The Ultimate Collection of Inspirational Trip Of A Lifetime Ideas

City Hopping

For the culture vulture who adores soaking up the ambience and history of a region, the chance to hit a few destinations and city hop is ideal. You could choose to do this at a sedate pace with a jaunt across the seas courtesy of Bolsover Cruise Club. Setting sail from Southampton, your voyage could see you hitting Barcelona, Malaga and Lisbon to name but a few European cities. You could spend your days on land heading to the galleries, museums and eateries. What could be more special than eating pizza in Rome, dining out along the River Seine in Paris and enjoying fresh seafood on the Balearic Island of Mallorca. 

A cruise allows you to forget about transportation worries as it’s all taken care of. Like a five star resort on the seas, you will have your entertainment covered as well as a luxury cabin from which you can take in the views. You may even spot some whales, dolphins or seals from the deck.

The Ultimate Collection of Inspirational Trip Of A Lifetime Ideas


If you are more into active holidays where you get to explore the lesser known regions of a nation, Iceland could be perfect for you. If you’ve always wanted to go Northern Lights hunting, you could choose to go with a tour, or head off on your own in your rental vehicle. Large 4x4s are the order of the day in Iceland. Basing yourself in Reykjavik is ideal as it is such a central hub for the island. Get yourself a Northern Lights app, and head off as soon as the visibility for the ethereal phenomenon is high. Go inland to dark areas with no light and marvel at the natural laser show.

Iceland offers more than the Aurora Borealis. You can partake in a spot of whale watching or have a go at glacier trekking. There’s nothing better than whipping on some snowshoes and going on a guided hike with an expert. At the end you can try some pickled herring, Skyr and Icelandic hot chocolate.

If you venture to Iceland, you must take a trip to the south of the island. Here, you can find yourself marvelling at Gullfoss waterfall and taking a walk through any number of mud pool regions with natural springs and geysers. Hotfoot it to Thingvellir and you could straddle two tectonic plates with one foot on the North American plate and the other on the Eurasian plate. In Reykjavik itself, you can head to Hallgrimskirkja, the most iconic building on the island. This magnificent cathedral offers stunning views of the bay and is a modernist sight to behold. Once you’ve taken in the views, you can head to one of a number of trendy vegan cafes that offer ethnic dishes such as chickpea and coconut curry or a mezze platter of vegan Greek fayre. Reykjavik is cosmopolitan and laid back. Rent a place via Airbnb and enjoy great hosting.

Heading off on the trip of a lifetime requires a massive amount of planning especially if you are considering a multi stop tour. However, you can plan this yourself and embark on your journey knowing that you have prepared for your adventure. Pack as light as possible and opt for quality over quantity. Immerse yourself in new cultures, enjoy meeting new people, and make memories on your dream trip across the globe.