Where to go in July


Average temperature: 27°C
Activity: snorkelling, biking, swimming, water sports, chilling
Location tips: Waterfall Praslin, Grand Fond, Vallee De Mai, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue

An island paradise located east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles have three main islands - Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Mahe is the largest of them, where you will be likely accommodated and where locals would live. Seychelles is a great place for people seeking for beautiful unspoiled beach holidays and away from chaos. Islands are not far from each other, so you can do island hopping easily by local flights or ferries.

Where to go in July


Average temperature: 26°C
Activity: explore local street art, expore coffee culture, climbing, visit Amazon, visit undeground salt cathedral, diving, explore its natural parks
Location tips: Amazon, Bohota, Cartegena, Cali, Cauca river valley, Choco, Los Nevados National Park, Zona Cafetera, Medelin, Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada mountain range, Zipaquira, Guatape lake

Summer time might be the peak season for Colombia, and may be very hot, but as Colombia as a country is so large and the climate changes affect on the weather condition. Thus, depending on where you are planning to go, you can find the right climate place for yourself. The Amazon region is particularly beautiful during this period, because the water level is low, making it more accessible to explore the wildlife. Bogota is the capital city of Colombia, and due to its location at a high altitude, it can get a bit chillier compared to southern part of Colombia.

Where to go in July


Average temperature: 25°C
Activity: climb Mount Kilimanjaro, go on Safari tours, scuba diving, snorkelling, take a balloon trip, volunteering, visit and learn about local tribes, witness wildlife migration
Location tips: Mount Kilimajaro, Safari, Zanzibar, Gombe Stream National Park, The Great Rift Valley, Iraqw village, Stone Town, Tarangire National park, Masai village, lake Manyara, Shanga village, Pemba island, Mafia island

From June to October, there is a dry season in Tanzania, meaning you will witness very little rainfall. Thus it makes a great time for tourists to explore the beautiful landscape and wildlife on Tanzania. Zanzibar is also located in a short distance from Tanzania. Therefore, if you will be travelling to Tanzania for longer, allocate some time to visit Zanzibar island and other Indian Ocean islands, such as Pemba and Mafia islands.

Where to go in July


Average temperature: 21°C
Activity: snorekling, attend luausm bike, water activities, rafting, hiking, swim with sea turtles, visit pineapple farms, take a helicopter tour, surfing, learn how to play ukelele,
Location tips: Hana, Halekala National Park, Honolulu, Kauai, Lanai

For first timers, you should visit Honolulu - Oahu, the capital of Hawai, where you will have plenty of famous sites to visit. The prettiest island are Maui, or even Kauai and it is due to beautiful beaches and national parks. Hawai has 8 major islands and number of small islets. Maui has everything to offer, from perfect beaches, resorts to hiking and sports activities.

Where to go in July


Average temperature: 27°C
Activity: horse riding, explore the landscape from hot balloons, eat delicious Turkish cuisine, cross to the Asian part
Location tips: Istanbul, Antalya, Cappadocia, Ankara, The Blue Mosque, Pamukkale, Topkapi palace museum, Duden waterfalls, Miniaturk, Koprulu Canyon, Kaunos, Phaselis

Summer period is the peak season to travel to Turkey to experience warm summer temperatures, swimming or rich nightlife. During summer time, seaside resorts may be at higher costs and more crowded compared to cities. Spend days either at the beach or explore the fusion of European and Asian cities. From famous mosques, markets to beautiful landscape of Cappadocia.

Where to go in July