Next Stop: West Java

Indonesia, a country with as many personalities as it has islands. Some just a stone’s throw from South East Asian powerhouses such as Singapore, stretching all the way to the Australian holiday spot of choice, Bali. With a rich history of colonisation and trade, the Dutch influence on these islands is still strong in many areas, not least of which the beautiful island of Java. In this blog we take a look at West Java, a province full of dramatic natural beauty and well worth spending the time to explore.

Off The Bus

Many tourists get their one and only glimpse of the famous volcanic vistas of West Java while on tour buses around the area. Take the time to wander around some of the this lush paradise and you’ll be glad you did, besides the buses are so slow you’ll probably end up beating them in any case as they idle in the often dense traffic. Besides the beautiful vegetation you’ll have the chance to visit the mighty Krakatau volcano located off the coast, most famous for being the starting point of the tsunami that killed hundreds of people in Indonesia in December last year.


Start your trip properly in Bogor, a city full of hustle and bustle it also has a green zone and its famous Botanical Gardens, something of a paradise among the noise and traffic. Here you’ll also find great street food and relaxed cafe culture to enjoy the spectacular evening sunsets.



Next stop is Cimaja, a much smaller urban dwelling than Bogor but immensely popular with travellers and tourists thanks to its great surf and relaxed atmosphere. Spend time recharging your batteries and relaxing on the beach before venturing on with your journey.

Next Stop: West Java


The capital of West Java, Bandung is still full of Dutch colonial history and home to a growing arts and music scene that makes it a popular spot for young Indonesians. Here you’ll also find a lot of shopping to be done, with factory outlets for just about everything. The city is not only the cultural capital but the manufacturing capital of West Java so if you need to pick up some clothes en route, here’s where you’ll find the best choice.


Kampung Naga

If you’re looking for some more traditional Sundanese culture then take a trip to the traditional village of Kampung Naga. Surrounded by a dense carpet of lush green rice fields, the village is one of the few surviving places where indigenous people still live. The houses are built to strict traditional standards and although fairly sturdy, are not hooked up to the grid so rely on gas lights as their source of light and heat. You can take a guided tour or wander around on your own, but do remember to leave a donation at the village Mosque to show your respect.

Next Stop: West Java


Next stop is the Pangandaran Nature Reserve. Here you’ll find acres of rainforest and a lot more besides. You’ll find deer and monkeys and as a word of warning, keep your bags closed these monkeys are not shy in trying to steal food. They’re particularly attracted to plastic bags, as they know that’s where food is more likely to be found so place in a zipped up rucksack if possible.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also see some flying lemurs in the evening. Besides a stunning selection of flora and fauna you can discover Second World War Japanese bunkers, some ancient temples and some fun caves. Bring your swim gear to take advantage of the great beaches too. West Java is a truly special part of the world. If you thought you knew Indonesia based on Jakarta, Bali or Bintan then West Java will add a whole new layer of character to what you already know. 

 With enough urban areas to satisfy the city wanderer in need of good coffee, great restaurants and atmospheric bars, this area is perhaps best known for its stunning beaches and plethora of stunning green landscapes. 

With people who are both proud of their Sundanese heritage and keen to welcome tourists to explore, West Java is a destination for the discerning traveller. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with the place and who knows, a holiday of a lifetime might even see you exploring jual rumah bandung to invest in a holiday home base. Make West Java your next destination and you won’t want to leave this unique part of the world, its great food and fantastic people.