Pampering yourself right- 7 self-care bits of advice

We all deserve to thank ourselves in some way from time to time. After all, life is too short to ignore opportunities for pampering and spoiling ourselves with nice things. And with everyday obligations, hard work and fast-paced way of life, we deserve to celebrate our accomplishments with a treat once in a while.

Self-care has become a big thing in recent years and there isn't anything wrong or boastful about it. You spend your day working mentally and physically so of course, you come home exhausted and too tired to do anything else that you like. However, you don't need a lot of money or time to change all that, but rather just to pamper yourself right. So, here you have 7 self-care pieces of advice that will show you all the wonderful ways to reward yourself from time to time.

1. Book a full-body massage treatment

Massage is good for both body and mind since it relaxes the muscles, gets your blood flowing and eliminates the tension you didn’t even know you had. But having your shoulders rubbed is not enough for the long-run, so book a full-body massage treatment which will make you feel as though in heaven. The masseurs use essential oils made from rose, lavender, thyme and other plants with known soothing effects so you will be surrounded by calming scents and enjoy peaceful instrumental music. Make sure that full-body treatment also includes your feet and the head since they include the pressure points to relieve stress.

Pampering yourself right- 7 self-care bits of advice

2. Make yourself a hot bath with aromatic oils

If you are really busy but at the same time exhausted, then a hot bubble bath with aromatic oils may be all you need to bring yourself back to life. Epsom salt is also a great ingredient for an invigorating bath since it improves the blood flow and relieves tension in your muscles. Soak for a while surrounded by pleasant scents, candlelight, maybe a nice glass of wine and try to leave your worries outside your bathroom door. This is a perfect opportunity to meditate and focus on calming thoughts with your eyes closed and a towel for support behind your neck.

3. Go and get a mani-pedi

Manicure and pedicure treatments are not only for aesthetics and you will feel immediate relief when you soak your feet in the warm water or have a hand massage. However, the psychological factor of having beautiful nails also plays an important role in your wellbeing especially when it comes to your confidence. Having mani-pedis regularly is an important part of self-care which will also give you little makeovers all the time. So, choose a new nail color every time and try different shapes and lengths to create an exciting and fresh look.

Pampering yourself right- 7 self-care bits of advice

4. Don’t skip a hairdresser appointment

From time to time, you need to see a professional about your hair whether it’s to trim the ends or color your roots. However, this appointment easily gets rescheduled or canceled since tying your hair to the back and wearing a hairband can help you look presentable. Even something as simple as getting a blowout can boost your spirit and make you feel like the queen you are. So, instead of skipping the hairdresser appointment, schedule a one which includes a head massage, hair recovery treatments, and a nice magazine to read.

5. Have lunch at a fancy restaurant

Having lunch at the fancy restaurant is not necessarily expensive since you don’t have to go often and can always find the one with happy hours and special discounts on certain days of the week. But once you go, don’t spare a thing on yourself and enjoy your evening to the fullest. Consider this your special moment when you get to dress up and try some new and exciting cuisine you always wanted to taste. And if you have a hectic schedule, this is a perfect time to take a break and gather your strength for the remainder of the day so you can deal with any challenge that might come your way.

Pampering yourself right- 7 self-care bits of advice

6. Treat yourself with a facial

Skincare has been a very talked about issue in recent years and for a good reason. Not only it protects our bodies from pollutants and other external factors, but the state of our skin affects us on a psychological level. So, with a little investment in a few quality products and care from experts like in Skinnovation Laser Clinic, you will recharge your energy and be ready to tackle any problem or challenge. From skin rejuvenation and pore reduction to scar and acne treatments, you will feel heavenly afterward and like a new version of you.

7. Take a day off just for yourself

You may not be able to do this often, but whenever you can, take a day off from work and people around you just for yourself. Book a room, order room service and spend a day at the hotel’s wellness center being served cucumber water and relaxing in the Swedish sauna. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still find a modest hotel accommodation to just chill and read a book, watch TV or sleep. Sometimes we feel so exhausted that the only way to recharge is by isolating ourselves and doing things that make us feel better without having anyone around us to judge or criticize our choices. Even having the little comforts in place, like an old book or the right pair of socks can help us focus our energies back onto ourselves. Something like a book and a cup of cocoa by the bed can be perfect to drift off away from our troubles. Perhaps consider ordering the right pair of glasses from a website and treat yourself to a couple of books. Time for yourself will always help, and you should protect it with your life.

 All these self-care pieces of advice have one thing in common and that is the message to love yourself. No matter how swamped with work you are or just have too many things on your plate, you are the one who will need the strength to deal with them all. And that strength is not unlimited so its deposits will deplete and you will feel tired and exhausted without being able to do anything anymore. So don’t neglect to care for yourself and replenish the energy you need to conquer new challenges life puts before you.

Guest post by Lena Hemsworth // follow her on Twitter