Must-Visit Asian Destinations for Adventurous Travellers

Asia is one of the biggest travel destinations for people that truly love to explore different cultures, sample new foods and experience a completely different take on life. If you’ve grown up in western society for most of your life then most of that side of the world is relatively similar. However, once you travel to Asia and start to explore countries like Nepal, Japan and Indonesia, you’ll start to see a completely different side of life that is both enlightening and inspirational.

So if you consider yourself an adventurous traveller, we’ve put together a list of some must-visit Asian destinations that are perfect for short breaks, long holidays or even backpacking adventures. As always, make sure you do plenty of research into each of these destinations before you visit so that you have a better understanding of what to expect.


Between discovering Nepal's past and backpacking through its gorgeous landscapes and bodies of water, this is one destination that avid travellers do not want to miss. It’s fantastic for backpackers and it combines some of the most breathtaking views with unique jungle environments and even snowy scenes thanks to Everest standing tall in the backdrop. If you’re going trekking in Nepal then you absolutely want to make sure you’re being responsible and speaking to experts that can offer you guidance. However, if you want to visit Nepal to sample its cuisine and picturesque cities, then there’s plenty on offer for budding adventurers.

Must-Visit Asian Destinations for Adventurous Travellers


Vietnam is brimming with natural beauty thanks to its diverse landscapes. The country manages to create unique contrasts between luxurious sprawling cities, local rice fields and tribal villages. There’s a mouthwatering selection of delicious food to try such as the legendary noodle soup Pho, and epic adventures across sand dunes and bike rides through mountainous regions. Whether you’re coming alone for a backpacking experience or exploring Vietnam with friends and family, there’s a wealth of things to get your teeth stuck into and you won't be satisfied by just a single holiday here.



Thailand is a friendly country that absolutely loves travellers. It’s one of the top destinations for backpackers because everything is so affordable but it’s also a beautiful country with some of the deepest culture and unique traditions that you’ll find in South-East Asia. Thailand has a diverse culinary scene that any foodie would love to explore, architecturally stunning temples and museums to admire and some beautiful beaches to relax in. There’s no shortage of things to do in Thailand and it’s a must-visit destination for any holidaymaker.

Must-Visit Asian Destinations for Adventurous Travellers


If beautiful emerald landscapes and deep cultural history are what you’re looking for, then The Philippines is a place that you do not want to miss. Past the enormous growing megacities and the beaches are some of the most breathtaking landscapes that currently exist on the planet. From the Bacuit Archipelago to the village of Sagada, there are countless picturesque destinations to stroll through and explore. If you’re looking for a more traditional holiday, then the city of Manilla is more than capable of offering you unique cuisine, bustling nightlife and luxurious shopping experiences.