Make your work space green

The concern and popularity of living sustainably is going beyond fashion and food. Our cities, transport, as well as offices, are getting greener and reflecting the need for a better environmental future. For our way of healthier and greener way of living, and for the surrounding.

According to a recent survey made by Seareach, they have found out elements that play an important part towards an improved workspace. Whether it is from being paperless, recycled bins, LED lighting to measured heating and electricity systems. Below are 5 tips in how you can make your own workspace greener, whether you are working from home or in the office building.

1. Go paperless

With the increase of digital technologies, it is so easy to go paperless. We can do, send, analyse and store everything in our computers and in clouds. Eliminating the need for paper and printing will not only help the environment, but also will help us to reduce the number of files we have to have home. However, there are still certain people who love to have physical paper in their hand and be able to highlight things and write notes. However, you might not have heard about all those cool apps that can make your life easier. It will not only store it online, so you will be able to access it from wherever and whenever, but it has many other features, like sharing or scanning papers. Check apps like Evernote, One note or CamScanner.

2. Reusable water bottles

Whether you work from the office or home, having a reusable water bottle near you is always useful. Not only you will have less dishes to was, less plastic to throw, but also you can take the bottle with you on the way or to gym. Do you know also that many tea brands have introduces tea sackets for cold water? Making your usual cold water more tastier with hint of fruits.

Make your work space green

3. Smart energy efficient appliances

If you are working from home, check your energy providers whether they do offer smart meters. By implementing smart energy efficient applicances, you may be able to track how much heating or electricty you are using. It will not only notify you regarding your daily usage, but also help you with reducing utility bills once you know how much you are using. Do you also know, that if you are leaving your laptop or other devices plug in, it still uses electricity? In those cases, either unplug them if you won't use them anymore or set your machines to power-saving modes.

4. Plants and natural light

Decorate your desk and working area with plants, they will not only brighten up your space, but also provide you with cleaner air and reduce your stress. Moreover, try to position your desk alongside your windows for more natural light to your work and for more efficiency boost.

Make your work space green

5. Recycling

Oldie, but goodie. Try to recycle home or at your woking area. Don't trash everything into one bin, get them more, label them and start recycling. Especially in working space, you will trash a lot of batteries, papers or plastic pens.

Overall, there are many ways we can all help the environment. By contributing little by little every day, we all can do our part towards creating a healthies and greener environment.