Holi Preparations: Planning Your First Color Festival Adventure

For Hindus across the globe, the Holi Festival is a hugely significant time of the year. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, it began life as an annual religious celebration. However, you don’t need to follow the Hindu way of life to enjoy the atmosphere, colour, and unity of people. Visiting the Holi has become a bucket list item for travellers around the world. If you’re planning your first Holi celebration, it’s vital that you make the right preparations to ensure you get it right. Here’s all you need to know.

Pick Your Destination

The traditional Holi Festival runs annually (usually in March). However, the popularity has seen non-traditional colour festivals pop up across the globe. Whether visiting in March for an authentic celebration or one of the other events in the year, selecting the right location is vital. Given that the festival originated in India and can be dated back to ancient times, this is the most popular destination. This guide to the best places to enjoy the Holi in India should tell you all there is to know. Still, if you wish to enjoy a colour festival elsewhere, a quick online search should provide the info you require. Considering the nature of the festival, it’s probably a good idea to invest in comfortable accommodation too. After all, you will want to get clean and get a good night’s rest to recuperate.

Holi Preparations: Planning Your First Color Festival Adventure

Prepare For The Event Itself

The preparations for Holi celebrations should start well in advance of actually arriving. It’s likely to be hot, and you will get covered in paint. Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to start thinking about skincare in the weeks before you leave. Likewise, you’ll want to wear protective skin care products on the dates of the event itself. It’s also important to ensure that you pack enough clothes for your travels as you will go through a lot of them. Likewise, you probably won’t want to wear your very best attire at the event as there’s a strong chance it will get destroyed. If you plan to take photos at the event, it’s probably a good idea to buy protective items for your camera or cell. Finally, you should go the extra mile to buy your Holi colours in advance. While you can buy these at the events, it’s best to know that you have selected safe paints that actually work.

Choose The Right People To Travel With

Picking the right travel party is crucial for any holiday. However, there is no question that it takes on an even greater importance at the Holi celebrations. After all, there are times where you will become separated. You need to know that the people you travel with are capable of being independent until you meet up. Similarly, you will probably have a few attractions that you’ll want to see in India during your travels. So, if you travel with someone that simply wants to do the festival and then spend a week in a hotel, you may wish to look elsewhere. The Holi is your main incentive for travel, but there are many other features to consider. With the right preparations and the right people, it can truly be the trip of a lifetime.