3 Beautiful Outdoor Attractions to Visit around the World

The world is full of beautiful cities, historical landmarks, cultural hubs, and buzzing nightlife locations. And of course, all of that is brilliant.

 All the same, however, any approach to travel that doesn't include a good deal of respect for some of the gorgeous outdoor attractions to be found around the world, is definitely missing out on something vitally important.

Man-made objects and cultural landmarks can take our breath away, but there's something about natural phenomena which is breathtaking in a unique way – because they are just there, without any input from us whatsoever. For millennia, people have stared in awe at the natural world, and many of the greatest poets and thinkers of the last few centuries have had a lot to say about the grandeur of these sights. Here are a few beautiful outdoor attractions to pursue around the world.

Stargazing at Perth's Pinnacle Desert

From the city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, you can venture out via a vehicle from Bayswater Car Rentals, into the relatively nearby Pinnacle Desert. This desert is impressive for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it's a great place to spot some native Australian creatures in their natural habitat – including the world-famous kangaroo, and the emu.

One of the major attractions of the Pinnacle Desert, however, is that it is an excellent location for stargazing, what with its clear skies and low levels of light pollution. You'll be able to find various tour operators running all-night stargazing expeditions in the desert, and once you've seen the stars in such vivid and uninterrupted form, you'll never forget it.

Bioluminescence on the island of Jersey

The island of Jersey is one of the Channel Islands owned by the United Kingdom, but geographically much closer to Normandy, in France.

Jersey is famous for its Jersey Royal Potatoes, and for its Jersey Cattle. But the island has a rich history going back to at least the time of the Norman conquest of England, and was occupied by German forces during World War II – a historical fact which has meant that the coast of the island is now ringed with bunkers and forts. 

 Head to the less-illuminated and developed side of the island, however, and you can experience a bioluminescence tour on the beach. Here, you can find out about small glowing worms that live in the wet sand, and can watch them light up like stars in the night sky. Amazingly, these creatures were only discovered by scientists in the last few years, and have largely been forgotten by the residents of Jersey themselves.

3 Beautiful Outdoor Attractions to Visit around the World

Cave exploration on the island of Crete

The island of Crete plays a central role in some of the great Greek myths of antiquity, and was the birthplace of the Minoan civilisation. 

 The island is very mountainous, and on a visit, you will have plenty of opportunity to explore some amazing caves, each with a fascinating backstory. 

 One cave is reputed to have been the birthplace of the god Zeus. Another cave was occupied by Greek resistance fighters, making their last stand against the Ottoman Empire. There's just something about exploring the caves of Crete that really does seem to take you back to the age of heroes.