7 things you have to experience while in Asia

If you have been ever in Asia, you know how different it is. From food, culture, habits to the diversity of ethnicity and heritage.

Asia is a popular place to travel from budget to high-spending travelers. Come here to experience not only Exotic something, but also to experience the diversity of flavours, colours and enormous number of experiences. Here are 7 things you need to try and you will only experience that while in Asia:

1. Eat street food

Endless food markets and street food corners is what Asia is vibrant for. Come here with empty stomach and taste to experience the variety of spices and dishes. Street food may not be appealing for everybody though, as it may look strange, eating on small chairs on a street or it may look dirty. However, it is the cheapest way to dine out as well as to experience Asia, isn't it. Be careful though with what you are ordering and from where. You still want to be picky about places and not get a stomach ache on your first night there.

2. Ride a bike

Not all Asian countries are great with pedestrian foot paths. Thus the alternative options is either to get cabs or rent a bike or a scooter to go discovering the city and beyond. Biking and riding on a scooter is large part of commuting in many Asian countries. If you are not scared, have a license and courage to drive through the crazy traffic, get on this challenge!

7 things you have to experience while in Asia

3. Trek into tribe hills

Asia has many cultural and heritage history worth to explore. Whether you go west or east, north or south, in every region you may experience different tribes. Exploring different habits, culture and scenery is what makes travelling interesting. Find a tour or research the way to go to the countryside.

4. Experience one of Asian festivals or New Year

Research different cultural and national holidays and consider travelling during the period to experience the variety of events, decorations and the way how they are celebrating it. It will not only add your value to travelling experience but also enhance your knowledge about their culture. My suggestion is to visit China or Vietnam during Lunar New Year, which is at the end of January or beginning of February. I have also visited Chiang Mai in Thailand during lantern festival and it was breath-taking!

7 things you have to experience while in Asia

5. Cross the bustling streets

Crossing streets in Asia can be a big challenge and excitement in one. Especially in Vietnam, the roads are busy and not crossing and lighting system works appropriately. Don't be afraid and try to experience the buzzing life out there. Just be aware and careful around.

6. Island hopping

Whether you are visiting Thailand, Philippines, Bali or other Asian countries with many islands, book boat trips or plan staying on multiple islands and compare the differences between them. Admire the beautiful landscape, sunrises and sunsets.

7. Visit temples

Asian temples are magnificent and beautiful buildings. These places are for worship or meditation and have decades if not centuries of history. Step into Asian temples to reconnect with past and gain a new appreciation of the present and future.

7 things you have to experience while in Asia

Images source: Unsplash