Easy Camera Hacks That Will Turn You into an Expert

As a company, were you hoping to get your marketing message to your local or global audience? Content creation is a simple way to share knowledge and truth about your business, your industry, and information that will help you appear to be an expert. Companies often overlook the fact that high quality pictures and images will make their content creation and branding efforts even better and more effective.

Is your website filled with dull and boring pictures? Or do your images pop? Does your website have images with drab colors and uninspired backgrounds? Or do your images really grab your reader’s attention?

No matter how you answered the questions above, just know that there are camera tricks and hacks that make it easier than ever to take high quality images that really stand out. Denny Manufacturing took the plunge and learned simple camera hacks that made their business images eye catching, attractive, and now they really grab their customers’ attention.

 Learn how to take amazing pictures using the camera hacks we’re sharing below.

Camera Hack #1: Create Hazy Images Using a Sandwich Bag

One way to make sure your company website images really pop is to add a hazy edge to them. Photos look stunning when they have a hazy edge going around the background and they really have a tendency to get noticed. To make this happen using a sandwich bag and a simple household camera hack, cut a hole in the bottom of the sandwich bag and start wrapping it around the lens of the camera. Make sure the plastic bag covers the edges of the lens to give it the hazy quality that you desire. Images look ethereal when using this camera hack and they have the gorgeous hazy feel that people seem to love. If you use it to take business-related pictures, they’ll have an old-style and vintage feel that will really make them more prominent in your industry. Plus, customers fall head over heels in love with pictures like this and you’ll make them very happy with your image choices.

Easy Camera Hacks That Will Turn You into an Expert

Camera Hack #2: Use a Toilet Tube Roll to Make a Macro Lens

Most people think they need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy a brand-new macro lens, but nothing could be further from the truth. A simple toilet tube roll and the following camera hack can give you the same results without spending an additional penny for your efforts. Cut open the side of your toilet tube roll. Once it’s opened up, wrap it around your lens and tape it to it. By doing so, you can take close-up pictures that will capture the smallest and most infinitesimal details. It’s very simple to make this lens, and once you begin using it you’ll start taking unique close-up images that truly grab attention.

Camera Hack #3: Fashion a Lightbox Using Natural Light and White Paper

Sure, you can buy a lightbox if you prefer. Or you can use this DIY method and find a big window with lots of natural light and tape a white piece of paper to it. The light coming in through the window will create a lightbox feel, and when you take pictures in front of it your images will look bright, vivid, beautiful, and they’ll really stick out on your website, mail pieces, flyers, and other business related documents.

Easy Camera Hacks That Will Turn You into an Expert


These easy to follow camera hacks can make your images look the best in your industry. So start using them for all of your promotional material and website images and you’ll improve branding, website traffic, and more. Before long, your customers will complement your beautiful images as they really begin to take notice of the effort put forth to make them a step above the rest in your industry.