Basics for Your 2019 Wardrobe

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s high time to start building your new wardrobe. When trying to build a closet that is not only fashion-forward and chic, but also practical and functional, there’s only room for the best. So, we have compiled a list of all the fashion essentials you’ll need for building the ultimate 2019 wardrobe:

Chunky cardigans

As the trend that came back in 2018, chunky oversized cardigans seem to be finding their way into everyone’s closet and are turning into a staple piece for 2019. These cosy knits worn mostly in warm neutral tones are perfect for layering during the colder months at the beginning of the year, but they can also be very fashionable worn alone, when temperatures eventually warm up.

Chic trench coats

Originally designed by Burberry, the classic trench coat has dominated the fashion scene for decades and it seems like this wardrobe basic is here to stay. Mostly popular in neutral colours such as black or beige, this chic, feminine item is perfect for complementing any casual or formal outfit and it’s the best option for outerwear during spring and autumn.

Basics for Your 2019 Wardrobe


Designers have unanimously agreed that a fashionable shirtdress should be in everyone’s closet this year. Although they are available in a large variety of different colours and prints, designer Tory Burch's striped collared version seems to be the most popular choice for 2019. Easily styled with pumps, sandals or even sneakers, there’s no denying a shirtdress will be your go-to summer outfit, so keep your eye out for the perfect one.

Classic blazers

A well-tailored blazer is a wardrobe staple every girl needs to own. This timeless piece can be worn in a chic, professional way with a pair of trousers or a pencil skirt, but it can also be perfectly combined in a casual way with statement jeans or printed pants. The designers have a new trend in mind for 2019, though, as the runways were filled with this classic piece paired in an unexpected way with matching shorts. There is no doubt this will be the spring uniform for all fashionistas in 2019.

Versatile vests

According to the runways, the new outerwear option for spring is a chic monochromatic vest. A perfect item for layering, or simply worn on its own, a neutral-coloured vest is an extremely fashionable addition to any casual or smart outfit and it should definitely find its way to your wardrobe in 2019.

One piece swimwear

A one piece swimsuit is a staple piece that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe and it’s undoubtedly the biggest trend for summer ’19. When choosing swimwear, it is always important to opt for a brand that uses sustainable materials, such as high-quality Contessa Volpi one piece swimsuits. Not only are these swimwear pieces extremely fashionable and luxurious, but they are made from sustainable Italian Lycra you can feel good and comfortable wearing.

Basics for Your 2019 Wardrobe

Little white dresses

A flowing plain white dress is the perfect option for those hot summer months. Sheer cotton or lace, sleeveless or with ruffle details, all variations of this summer dress are going to be among fashionista’s favourite picks in 2019. Even design houses like Kate Spade are going along with this trend and hitting the runway with their own version of this essential summer dress. Whatever style you opt for, a white dress is definitely a staple piece to have in your upcoming summer wardrobe.

Plain white sneakers

Comfortable and practical, but also very stylish and elegant, a pair of plain white sneakers has become an unavoidable basic in every girl’s closet. Easily combined with leggings and a hoodie for a chic athleisure look, with a pair of mom jeans and a t-shirt for a cute casual outfit, or even with a pantsuit for an incredibly fashionable business casual look, these trainers are extremely versatile and a beautiful addition to any outfit. Although the Adidas Superstar model seems like the most popular choice, there are countless styles you can choose from to find the pair that is perfect for you. 

Basics for Your 2019 Wardrobe

As you reassess your wardrobe for the new year, it’s the perfect time to make sure you have all of the basics and foolproof classics you’ll ever need to compile chic and fashionable outfits and with the guide above, there’ll be no room for making mistakes during this process.