Top 4 Unmissable Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco is a glorious African country that’s become a hotbed for tourists in recent times. Anyone that’s ever seen pictures of the place will soon realise why it’s so popular! There are loads of awesome things to do here, a lot of which are pretty much bucket-list-worthy ideas. If you’re thinking about going to Morocco, then here are a few unmissable things to do:

See The Blue Streets In Chefchaouen

If I were to ask you all to name one city in Morocco, most of you will say Marrakech. Don’t get me wrong, this is a worthy place to visit, but Chefchaouen is definitely the first place on your itinerary. It’s a hidden gem of a city right in the Rif Mountains, and the main focus of attention is the blue streets. They’re bright and colourful, offering an incredible contrast from the rest of the country, which is primarily sandy coloured. It’s simply one of the most beautiful places in the world! Have a walk around and look at the buildings and mountain areas - it’s well worth a day or two of your time.

Trek Through The Sahara Desert

The Sahara is the most famous desert on planet earth, and a large portion of it spans through Morocco. Here, you have the opportunity to do something very few people can boast; trek through the Sahara Desert. There are companies like Global Adventure Challenges that set up treks through this desert over 4 days, and you can even scale some sand dunes while you’re there too. It’s such an epic landscape, and you really won’t find anything that compares to this experience.

Go To A Public Steam Bath

Morocco is famous for hammams, which are essentially public steam baths. It’s part of the culture here, and locals will regularly go for dips in these large pools that are full of warm water. It’s an unbelievably relaxing experience, and you can even get private ones that come with additional spa treatments as well. Travelling is all about taking in the local culture, so you can’t leave without going to at least one public steam bath!

Top 4 Unmissable Things To Do In Morocco

Visit The Souks In Marrakech

Marrakech is famous for a lot of things, and the souks are just one of the incredible features it boasts. If you don’t know, souks are urban areas filled with loads of different shops and stalls that sell just about everything. Bag yourself a magic carpet (please note, it won’t actually be magic) take home some authentic Morrocan spices, or even buy a nice little fez hat to wear during your stay. The souks are absolutely hectic as everyone is trying to sell you everything all at the same time. But, it’s a great place to have some fun haggling with the locals - you never know, you could pick up a real bargain.

I’ve listed these things as my top four unmissable things to do in Morocco as I believe they help provide you with an all-round experience of the country. You get to enjoy the local culture, see iconic sights, and spend time in some great cities. Oh, as a bonus, make sure you try some authentic Moroccan cuisine while you’re out there - don’t leave without trying some tagine or traditional couscous