2019 travel wish list

As with every year, I enjoy reviewing my travel experiences and setting up new travel goals for next year. Instead of going into listing places I would like to see, I have decided to reflect on my 2018 travel year through photos and memories behind the photo.

Not only that traveling is part of who I am, but also I have learned a lot on my way. Reflect my lessons learned through traveling the world in my previous post, if you would like to read it as well.

This post shares my whole travel journey from this year. The memories, things that happened along the way and the thoughts beyond the photos. In the age of Instagram perfect, it is sometimes more human to share more insights and the back story of it. For us to connect, to understand, to learn and to appreciate.

                        Thuy Phamova / Bridge of Memories

In January, me and my boyfriend went for our first 2018 flight to south of France. This was a memorable trip for many reasons. Not only that the ticket cost us about 10 GBP/pp both ways, but also we enjoyed some sunny and warm days in January! Stretching our trip through bus-road tripping around the coast from Nice to Menton and to Monaco.


Since my boyfriend at that time still lived in Scotland, we have spent number of weekends going back and forth from Glasgow to London. Hence, travelling up north to Scotland wasn't anything special for me anymore. Nevertheless, in February we went for a weekend to Nuremberg in Germany. Compared to our January trip where I was sun kissed, Germany brought some very very cold weather.

New York, USA - Thuy Pham Photography

                             Long summer dresses

After some cold winter and beginning of spring in London, a trip to US was pretty last minute decision. Since my boyfriend had a business trip and a conference to attend in the US, he invited me to join him for the trip. I was hesitated for first, as it wasn't planned and I didn't saved for this big trip. Nevertheless, why not to go. I haven't been in States for years now and would be a great opportunity to go. So we boarded and was on our way to New York and Boston. I have spent number of days wondering around the city alone, whilst my boyfriend was working. Whilst there, I had met some of my friends there as well. After few days in the big Apple, we boarded again to go to Boston for few days. It was a great nostalgic place, as I have spent in Boston months for my English course many years ago. After Boston, we both flew to Italy - to Pisa and Cinque Terre, as these were my chosen destinations for my birthday. We had these flights booked way before US was on a radar.

                            Riga in 48 hours

In May, there are always many extended weekends due to bank holidays and I always spent them home, in Czech republic. Besides my visit home, me and my friend Nikol booked a budget trip to Riga. As we both wanted to go somewhere we haven't been. Weekend was enough to have a girly catch up and soaked up the blessed weather we had there.

Cappadocia guide for first timers

Best things to do in Istanbul

In June, me and my boyfriend flew to Turkey for a longer break. We split our time in Istanbul and in Cappadocia, where I worked with a hotel. My very first travel press trip. Cappadocia was a dreamy place and on my budget list for a while now. However, Istanbul didn't really caught my eyes. Maybe because we were scammed in a taxi and because of the stressed vibes around election times.

The following month, me and Nikol again decided to visit our friend Anna in Berlin, where she was on an exchange programme. Been in Berlin for couple times now and this time, we have experienced it in a less touristy way. Always nice to have friends all over to be able to visit them.

                            Bridge of Memories - Paris

Since London summer this year was blessed, in August I went for an extended weekend to Paris to visit my cousin as well as to meet my boyfriend, whilst he was there for his friend's wedding. Paris is always a good idea. I love Paris, and its architecture and streets. Spend the weekend with my cousin, her boyfriend and my boyfriend wondering around Paris streets and Versaille. After our Paris trip, we both were travelling to visit my family at the end of the summer. Before that, we made a short one night trip in Vienna.

10 things to do in Santander, Cantabria

Back in March, me and my sister planned a birthday trip in Cotswolds, but due to snow and cancelled trains, we had to cancel our trip as we were both stuck in different cities. Hence, we have decided for a late birthday trip to Santander in Spain. What a random place, but since summer is peak season, we chose the cheapest and convenient flight. After our small sister trip, I was very soon on my way to Bucharest for my boyfriend's birthday.

Autumn saw a significant decrease of my travel trips, due to number of reasons. I started to work on more freelance projects as well as work started to be more busy towards the end of the year. I managed only to go back to Czech republic and to Slovakia to visit my family and friends. Nevertheless, it doesn't really matter that I may have not visited any new places since October, I am excited for the great end of year and start 2019 with full of new memories and adventures again.

And what are your best memories and travel destinations this year?