1. Learnt a lot about oneself and about life

There is nothing better, then going outside of your box and discovering. Discovering who you trully are and how to face the life in front of you. There are so many little things to enjoy and learn. Like ordering a meal in a place where they do not speak English or trying to understand a stranger.

2. You will learn the value of being lost

How many you have been lost. Literally and rhetorically. Not knowing what to do next at work, lost in a conversation in a group, lost on a street or lost with your career path and goals.
Being lost is natural, it is part of a learning curve, of discovery and of trial and error. It is okay to be lost and taking your time finding your way. Take your time to panic, to be nervous, to cry, to try out various ways, but either way, you will find your path. Either alone, or with a help of someone.

3. You learn how to speak with people

Speaking with people is sometimes scary. Whether it is because they look scary, because of the language or you just simply think that your question is too simple and stupid to ask. Meeting different people on your way will not only open your doors to new connections and friends, but also you will learn a lot about different peoples behaviour and characteristics. You will learn how to communicate and behave with them. Nothing will scare and surprise you anymore. Soft skills are key to succeed and understand the society and community.

4. You will get your eyes wide opened

You will never appreciate anything unless you will experience or understand the different lifes and different ways of living. The way how things work for you and in your surrounding, does not mean it is the same in elsewhere. Learn to learn. Appreciate, respect and help. There are many more people who is not able to travel and see the world like you. The world can be cruel, can be real, can be a shock.

5. You will learn to keep falling in love

Not only that you are travelling with your friends or partner and it may strengthen your relationships and embrace new memories together. But also, you will learn to fall in love with small little things along the way. Like the food you have not got for years, or the smell of something, or the smile of a stranger. Being fully embraced and immersed into the culture and environment, will make you soft and learn to appreciate little things.

And whatever you gain or loose from traveling, most importantly, you will learn to travel. To travel is a skill, and everything that comes with it. The confidence, the language, the time management, the planning skills or money management. Go and explore the places of the beautiful world.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert