Milan Fashion Week Runway Vibes
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Although we have to applaud all the designers from the three other fashion capitals for their inventiveness, when it comes to color and joy, no one does it like Milan. It’s a fact that no one can deny. Not only did Milan snag all of the biggest names and supermodels, but it once again showed proved why it belongs in the mighty foursome. We have a number of amazing designers to cover during fashion months, so let’s not delay gratification. Let’s just dive in and see what it is we’ll all be wearing come spring. After all, whatever these names say is hot, is bound to appear in every fast-fashion store in a New York minute. So, even if you can’t afford a Versace outfit, we’re sure you’ll find something inspired by it.

Milan Fashion Week Runway Vibes

A whole lot of everything

You might have expected Dolce and Gabbana to turn a new leaf, but the power duo has remained true to the brand’s old vision. That means that there were plenty of extravagant florals, religious motifs, and sultry dresses reminiscent of the ‘50s and ’60s. What is new is that they have, in a way, expanded their potential client base as the runway consisted of women of different shapes and sizes. It featured models, celebrities and even ‘real people’. One of the most poignant looks was the fitted sultry dress worn by Monica Bellucci, in one of the more surprising patterns for this brand – simple polka dots. This dress would look amazing on so many women, especially if elevated with a pair of gorgeous high heel sandals. Other designs are what you would expect – plenty of ruffles and layers, lace, ostentatious floral suits and dresses and heavy embroidery on the suits, both men’s and women’s.

Metallic galore

The Gorgio Armani show was highly consistent. Not that the designs were boring, far from it, there was high versatility present, but the color palette seemed to follow a kind of a metallic and holographic silver theme, although a few other iridescent hues were present as well. The entire collection, probably due to the choice of fabric had an almost futuristic feel to it. However, it still remains highly wearable, especially in the light of the fact that everything metallic is all the rage at the moment. From suits to dresses, everything is incredibly wearable, unless you don’t like the icy tones. In that case, you might want to skip this one.

Milan Fashion Week Runway Vibes


Earth and leather

For those looking for something earth-toned, approachable yet, in a way slouchy and almost with a post-apocalyptic vibe to it, you will fall head over heels for the line Salvatore Ferragamo has in store for us. The combination of simple and almost distressed tees paired with powerful leather skirts may seem so simple. However, on the catwalk, and probably in real life, this would be a different kind of traffic-stopping look. The entire collection follows the same theme – earthy tones and simple lines. There were plenty of under-the-knee pants, almost classic trench coats and long vests. The only other colors were electric blue and deep purple featured in a couple of coats and skirts. This is definitely a collection in which everyone could find something for their style persona. In the sea of Milan extravagance, something so down to earth is actually very refreshing.

Milan Fashion Week Runway Vibes

Sketches in real life

This may just be our favorite collection, just because it’s so playful and honest. The creative director Jeremy Scott said that fashion is going too fast. “There’s a cruise collection after another collection, you have another show, and a capsule. I couldn’t get it done this season! All I have are sketches! So, I’m showing you the sketches of the collection.” We were about to deem the designs as something one would color with a crayon, but he beat us to the punch with an explanation. Sketches or not, the line looks absolutely fabulous! From the hats, to the sketched-looking suits, dresses and even tights, it’s quirky, extravagant and completely irresistible. We don’t know about you, but some of us would be bold enough to wear them. Perhaps we would lose the hat, but still.

Last, but certainly not least

One could not possibly report on the MFW without finishing off with the mother of all things Italian – the Versace collection. You might have expected gold and gold-inspired patterns, but when has Versace failed to surprise us? The most dominant color of the line was orange in a number of shades. However, the most surprising element is that the brand opted for the checked pattern to be its representative one, as seen on a number of models including Kaia Gerber. In the spirit of boldness, the animal print was present as well, naturally. Bold mixed florals, sheer dresses, large bags and orange tees all with the Versace logo on them were there as well. Needless to say, if the brand dictates trends, and it does, we will all be walking around with multiple florals, animal print tights. Oh, and the Gucci tee will be replaced by the Versace one, that is clear as a summer day. Yes, Italians do everything differently. When others zig, they zag, and we love them for it. If it weren’t for them, who would inspire us to make bolder styling choices?

                                                   Guest post written by Claire Hastings / follow her on Twitter