5 Gorgeous Terrace Makeover Ideas

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a beautiful view surrounded by nature when in the comfort of your own home. Those of you who are lucky enough to have a yard or a terrace can definitely make the most out of your outdoors. After all, a terrace can turn out to be your very own escape from stress and worries, a place to entertain your friends, and a place to relax and unwind. If you already have a terrace but want to boost its appeal and functionality, keep on reading!

Paint your terrace furniture

If you have wooden chairs or tables on your terrace and don’t want to change them since they are in very good condition (or you simply want a budget-friendly makeover), what better way to add a different and modern touch than by giving them a fresh coat of paint in the shade that’s completely to your liking? Just make sure that the new colour is not overly bright and strong so that you can match the furniture to the overall aesthetic better. Still, keep the natural wood element as it can effectively bring a Zen aspect to your terrace design in one way or another. This will add pleasant warmth that would be very difficult to achieve with brighter and colder materials such as metal or plastic.

Plants and flowers everywhere

Green is the colour that is known to have a relaxing effect and reduce stress. So, don’t miss the opportunity to introduce this lively colour to your terrace with the help of all kinds of plants and flowers. Aside from creating a refreshing and relaxing environment, plants and flowers can boost the privacy and add their own modern touch to a vibrant space. In that respect, try to pick the plants and flowers that match well in colour. Don’t hesitate to use plenty of white in your terrace d├ęcor either. White will bring freshness and simplicity to the exterior, which will help you avoid the possible colour overload that flowers can sometimes create, especially if you have a large terrace space.

s5 Gorgeous Terrace Makeover Ideas
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Providing a shade

Why should you pay attention to the elements and the sun, when your terrace makeover can provide you with the perfect shade? You’re probably already aware of the possibility to use various screens to add more privacy to your terrace area, but you can also opt for protective shade sails and find the perfect cover that will create a pleasant atmosphere. This means that you won’t have to plan the time you spend on your terrace around the sun. What’s more, if you opt for sturdier sails, you may not even have to worry about rain. Obviously, shade sails are all about practicality, but don’t think that you’ll have to sacrifice the look you want to create. There are plenty of shade sail styles as well.

Light up your terrace

Is your little piece of heaven small and you want to save space? Place decorative baskets or install a shelf to store objects that, in addition to being useful, serve as decoration. So, you can decorate your terrace in a practical fashion and optimize the space thanks to the shelves, where you can place pots or lighting accessories. Speaking of lighting, there is nothing better than a decorative light that adds a relaxing and exclusive feel to your private area. Candles as well as light garlands are perfect for this type of decoration. And if you use aromatic candles, you can also scare away mosquitoes and other insects that may be attracted by the light.

Interior and exterior balance

One of the most popular trends for terrace design this year has been the uniform look that flows seamlessly from the interior of your home to the exterior. Of course, not everyone likes this style or is ready to invest in it. But, if you’re set on making a difference with your terrace makeover, you may want to consider creating that balance and harmony between the interior and exterior of your home. This can be achieved by installing the same kind of flooring, using the same style furniture for the inside and the outside of your home, matching the textures, and even investing in an open-style terrace. You don’t have to follow the design trends or spend a lot of money (unless you want to) on your terrace makeover. In the end, your own creativity, personal taste and effort you put into creating the place that can help you relax are more than enough to achieve something exquisite.