Ever wondered what makes you happy, relieved or satisfied? My usual pace of life has drastically changed due to many reasons. However, I'd like to keep my daily routine scheduled and busy. Because I am a firm believer of that whatever you do now will be returned to you gratefully later on in the life.

Life is not short. People tend to complain that the time is running so fast and the day and weeks have passed like a storm. The reality is that time is still same. It doesn't slow down neither it doesn't speed it up. The way how you are spending your time defines it. Remember the times when you were a kid and were complaining how the day is so endless? How an hour of school lecture seems like never ending thing? We appreciate time more, view and feel the time differently when we are growing up.

Why waste time on thing you are not confident in, not sure if you want it, not satisfying you enough? Life is about to explore, experiment and love fully.

What makes you happy?
What makes you motivated?
What is your drive?
What do you want to get out of what you are doing?

I slowed down, slowed down to think, re-think, reflect and plan again. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and to see what you are doing and which direction it goes. Sometimes it is good to take time off and breathe. Sometimes it is good to rest. To slow down. To appreciate little things and to make the next step with a clear mind.

Going out for a walk alone is okay. Spending a day yourself is okay. Going people watching in a nearby coffee shop by yourself is okay. Sitting in one corner while your sibling or partner is in the other end and both of you are quiet, it is okay. Going for a solo trip is okay.

Being alone and doing things you didn't have time for is absolutely fine. When it sounds for someone else that you had totally boring day, while you feel like you have done everything you could.

A constant routine might seems to that the person is busy and productive, but is it really? I started to think and sum up the 10 best feelings of relief and happiness. Don't even know how to describe them, rather then just people need to experience it. Let me know which one these feelings are powerful to you.

1. Quiet mornings
2. The sounds of the waves
3. First time stepping into a new place
4. The silence and view of the nature
5. Going home, like home home
6. The first coffee in a day after a rough day
7. The alone moment for yourself
8. Reunions
9. Feeling loved and giving love
10. The smell outside after the rain

And you? What makes you happy? Calm? Peaceful inside? What are your steps to the inner beauty discovery?