Mind, Body And Sole: Treating Yourself With That First Bumper Paycheck

It's been a long time coming, but you've finally got the payoff you need, in a financial sense! You may have been clawing your way up the career ladder, or struggling with debt, and you have finally got to the point where you are in such a financially comfortable position that, this payslip you hold in your hand, is the sign of a new start in life. But before all this, you might want to start thinking about what to spend it on! So, if you've been working your rear end off, slaving away night and day, Saturdays and Sundays, and you have got the validation you've needed, but also the professional kudos, you deserve to reward yourself! What are the best ways to do this?

Spending Splurge

Our first thought will always go to an abundance of fashion carrier bags from H&M, Topshop, and Next, and why not? You've worked hard, and in fact, you've probably spent so long without a change in wardrobe, but you are more than willing to go overboard. After all, it's not just a great way to reward yourself, but you could get a few things to improve your working wardrobe. If you've been climbing up the career ladder, and you've been painstakingly crafting your wardrobe for each and every day in the office, it's time to diversify. Not only will a pair of Louboutin’s show you off around the office but it shows you're a girl not to be messed with! When you've got together a few choice pieces for your new wardrobe, you might want to think about some high-quality accessories too! The Armani MK5491 watch in rose gold is feminine but makes a grand statement. Spending splurges are great because they make us feel fantastic, but we may as well invest in some “practical” office gear with our paycheck too.

Invest In Some Quality Relaxation Time

If you've recently been promoted, and the hard work you've done up to this point is going to be replaced by much harder work, it's time to start looking after your body and mind. You may feel that you're running on empty lot of the time, and as such, you turn towards the dietary quick fixes, like takeaways and pizzas, but this isn't healthy, and it will soon show up on parts of your body. Instead, take this opportunity to invest in some good quality cookbooks, as well as a way to keep you rested and repaired during your downtime will make for a healthier version of you. You could undergo a detox finally, or get a membership to a local gym and spa. Getting some lengths in the swimming pool every morning, followed by a steam room and a sauna, will be a fantastic daily routine to ensure you are starting off on the right foot, but you're getting rid of those toxins.


Look To The Future

It's not terribly exciting, but with your first bumper paycheck, do you want to waste it all? In fact, you may have money left over after paying off some bills and having a splurge, in which case, it's time to get sensible. If you're a professional that has been renting for as long as you can remember, you might want to take the opportunity to finally save for a down payment on a home. There are plenty of ISAs with a decent interest rate, where you can put the money in, and let it accumulate. It's a bit of common sense anyway, because even though you've been working hard to get to where you are, do you envision yourself in this position forever? It never hurts to have a backup plan, especially if you decide that you want to change careers halfway through your life, in which case, a decent sum saved up will provide you with financial security, but peace of mind too.


Educate Yourself

You're entering into a world of competition, stress, and you are expected to come up with the goods every single time. This can be very anxiety-inducing if you don't have the necessary tools to cope. And it's not just about being able to cope with it in a professional sense, but an emotional one also. With a bit of money saved up, you can purchase a course in mindfulness, meditation, or yoga retreat, and these things couldn't give you coping strategies in which to calm down in the face of pressing deadlines. Conversely, you could use this money to invest in your own professional education. Maybe in the job, a new language will serve you very well, in which case, purchasing a membership to a website like Babbel where you can indulge in some good quality learning materials in your downtime won't just benefit you in the job, but it will enrich your life.

Flowers from Appleyard London

We can find that the rigours of our jobs keep us on our toes, and now that you're in a position to purchase things that most people would have to save up for months or years on end for, you are in a very advantageous position. For those people who have a lot of money, they can easily squander it, but you are in a position where you come from nothing, and it's this transitional. But you can take advantage of understanding where you come from. Making good quality purchases is a great way to expand the quality of your life in many ways, from purchasing new kitchen utensils so we can cook healthier foods to a gym membership that keeps you physically fit. Because you're in a position where you climbed the career ladder, made many sacrifices, possibly to the detriment of your body and mind, you should use this opportunity to refuel yourself, mentally and physically. But don't underestimate treating yourself as well! We deserve to reward ourselves, especially if we've gone on such an arduous journey to get to where we are, but at the same time, we have to make sure that we've earned our keep. Whether it is an expensive item to our closet, home or just a small thing making us smile and positive all day long, such as bouquets from Appleyard flowers.