Bran Castle, Romania


When you think of Romania, what comes to your mind? I bet it will be a Dracula story. In fact, Romania hide some of the most picturesque nature and castle in Europe. It is rich with culture, heritage and history. Take a look below on some of its impressive castles filled with treasures and myths. 

1. PeleČ™ Castle

Located in the beautiful region of Sinaia, this beautiful castle stands out from between the tall forest. The nearest town is Brasov which is located about 40 miles north. Peles castle architecture is in a German new Renaissance and it is considered to be one of the most stunning castles in Europe. The castle was commissioned by King Carol in 1873 and completed 1883. The castle have been serving as a royal summer residence until 1947. Until today, you may view the gorgeous rooms, decorations and artefacts. Did you knew that the palace was the first European castle entirely lit by electrical current?

2. Corvin Castle

Corvin castle is located on the west of Romania with the nearest town being Deva (11 miles north). The spectacular Gothic-style castle in Romania was built by the Anjou family and was served as a fostress until the mid 14th century when it became the residence of Transylvania's voivode. He then upgraded the fortress into the stunning castle. Did you knew that Vlad the Impaler was kept prisoner in here, the very source of Dracula's myth.

3. Bran Castle

Bran castle may not be the prettiest castle of all, but may be the most famous of all Romanian castles. Built by the Saxons of Brasov, this castle is known as Dracula's mysterious residence. It is a wooden castle with a medieval look, pointy towers, steep stairs and small doors. Bran Castle is a place where legend and history meet. If you are around, take a walk around the park around the castle where you will find many market stalls and restaurants.

                   Bran Castle, Romania

                   Bran Castle, Romania

4. Sturdza Castle

Sturdza Castle is located in Miclauseni on the North-East side of Romania. Looking at this castle, you will have to admit that is one of the most romantic and serene places you can visit in Romania. This royal castle built by Sturdza family, is located in between of beautiful lake and a park. The castle was built in Neogothic castle and it was owned by a well-known Moldavian family.The restoration work on the castle began in 2004-2005.