The world is full of colours. Colourful landscape, nightlife, street art or food. As much as some of us love minimalism and sophistication, we are still living in a colourful world. Seek more colours when travelling. Switch off from updating Instagram, checking Trip Advisor or following the maps. By doing that we will enjoy the scenery around us and explore the unusual. There are many colourful neighbourhoods, nature and streets. In this first series, sharing with you ten picks of colourful places to visit around the world:

1. Cinque terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is an area of five small seaside villages on the Italian Riviera coastline. Five villages consist of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monteresso. Each village is unique in its own way - with its colourful houses, steep terraces, harbours, vineyards or magical views. It is a great getaway to experience Italian riviera as well as chance to hike up through all villages.

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2. Burano, Italy

Burano is an island which is part of Venice. The island itself is picturesque, due to its bright colour houses. Besides that, the island is a great day trip from Venice, it is known for casual eateries serving seafood, and shops that sell lace products.

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3. Balat, Istanbul

Istanbul is a major metropolitan city in Turkey located in between of Europe and Asia continents. Hence the city reflects mixture of both culture. Istanbul is known for Sultanahment district, Grand Bazar, rich food and spices. Balat is one of Istanbul neighbourhood. It is a traditional Jewish quarter in the Fatih district. At the first glance, the district looks very dull and not exciting. However, you will find some great coffee spots in here and again, old but colourful buildings. You will find yourself in a total different vibe of the city.

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4. Havana, Cuba

Havana is Cuba's capital, located on a Caribbean island. The Old Havana quarter reflects the old Spanish colonial architecture back in 16th century. The vibrant architectural mix, colours and city spirit is making Havana a unique place to be. Think of cigars, old fashionable cars and traditional Spanish spirit.

5. Notting Hill, London

ondon is the capital of England, the United Kingdom. This city has a rich history, culture and many famous monuments everybody know. Such as Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Eye or Tower Bridge. However, the famous Notting Hill located in west London is known due to the movie, the Portobello market and due to its colourful pastel houses. Try to walk off your route, explore the mews and small streets around the area, because there is much more to see around.

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6. Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Copenhagen is Denmrk's capital known for 18th century rococo district, home for the royal family and home for gardens and crown jewels. Nyhavn is 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen. Visit Nyhavn for a meal, drink or just a walk around.

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7. Tokyo, Japan

Surprisingly, Tokyo can be considered as a colourful place to visit. The Japan's busy capital offer mixture of modern and traditional architecture and food. The city's contrasts, many billboards and signage outdoor make it picture perfect. Especially during evenings, the lights and colours reflections make the whole city experiential.

8. Lindoya island, Oslo

Oslo is a capital city of Norway. Located in the southeastern coast of Norway, nearby the Oslofjords. Oslo is known for museums, green spaces and panoramic views of the fjords. Lindova island is one of the island in the Oslofjord easily reachable by ferries from Oslo. From far away you can already see the bold coloured houses. Use your time to stroll around the island, admire the views and the nature.

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9. Chefchaueon, Morocco

Morocco is full of colourful colours and patterns. Chefchaouen is a city northwest of Morocco. It is located in the Rig Mountains and is best known for picturesque blue buildings in the old town.

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10. Rio de Jaineiro, Brazil

Rio de Jaineiro is a large seaside city in Brazil known for the Carnival festival, featuring colourful costumes and samba dancers.