How Glowing Smile Adds Beauty To Your Face

Each day we look in the mirror and though it is usually the same face staring back at us, the face is not always equally ‘pretty’. This is due to many factors including how much sleep we had in the last couple of days or if we have troubles on our minds. No matter whether the cause is physiological or psychological, or quite possibly both, there is one feature you can work on that will brighten up your day and add beauty to your face – your smile.
If you need some further explanations on why it is important to keep that smile shining and how you can improve it, please read on.

Improves self-esteem

It is hard to laugh wholeheartedly when you are constantly trying to hide your teeth. Stains, cavities and disarranged teeth don’t make you lose your self-esteem, it is actually your trying to hide them from others that does that. By taking steps towards improving the state of your teeth, you can reach the desired self-boosting smile.
Even if your smile is less influenced by your teeth and more on the cloud of worry hanging over your head, improving the physical state of your smile can be the road to the right direction. Of course, that will not solve lingering depression or being overstressed but it will help you help yourself. On the toughest of days, try to force a smile in the mirror to make yourself smile for real. Also, by taking steps towards keeping your teeth clean and healthy, you will also induce the need to improve other things around you and about you.

Makes you look younger and healthier

A nice smile won’t take all the years away from your face and neither should it. Those smile lines around your eyes and mouth might not make you look like a photoshopped supermodel but they bring genuine beauty to your face. A smile makes you look more confident but also more relaxed as it makes your face looked softer and more tender.
A natural shade of white on your teeth makes you also seem full of energy. Pretty teeth equal healthy smile, so you won’t only be healthier, you will feel healthier too. Furthermore, being pumped with the energy you will start a chained reaction. With more energy, you will have more will for other activities, including work, hobbies, sports, and social gatherings.

How Glowing Smile Adds Beauty To Your Face

How to take care of your smile

As we have explained, the positive effects of a pleasant smile are numerous and to achieve it, it doesn’t take more than three things:
  • Efficient oral hygien
  •  Regular check-ups, and
  • Healthy diet.
We all know that we need to brush our teeth twice a day and floss daily, but it is more important to do it in the right manner. Using circular motions while brushing and by using string floss or interdental reusable brushes like picnix without too much pressure, makes the process much more efficient.
Visit your dentist at least once a year even if you don’t notice any problems with your teeth, and you can do more frequent check-ups at home. Also, remember that a healthy diet will help nurture your teeth and gums. Likewise avoiding harmful food especially the sweet, sticky kind, you can prevent possible discoloration and cavities beforehand.

Just like you have to take care of your skin and hair, you also need to take close attention to your pearly whites. In return, they will make you shine with confidence and make you more appealing by also making you look younger and healthier. It isn’t impossible, but a fixed routine of a nutritious diet will help you prevent most teeth-related issues. The same diet will help the rest of your body too, as the same things that harm your teeth harm your other organs.
Cleaning your mouth, outside and in-between teeth, and doing your examinations regularly, will significantly lower the chance for possible teeth decay. The key is to stick to the routine and in no time you won’t be able to imagine your life without it. In return, you will have the most radiant smile that will smile back at you each and every morning.

                                                       A guest post written by Helen Bradford