How to Spot and Fix Your Fashion Mistakes

To err is human – that’s the saying, and it resonates true in every aspect of our life. We won’t always choose the perfect job, choose the best people, or make the best and most reasonable choices. The same applies to beauty and style – we won’t always get it right from the first time. All of us have committed fashion crimes of numerous varieties, but there is always a way to fix those mistakes. The trick is in being aware of the fact that you’re doing it wrong and pinpointing exactly in which ways, and that is where we come in. If any of the mistakes we’re about to focus on sounds close to home, get up, curate your wardrobe, and make sure those style mistakes are never repeated. Only once you’re in the know will you be able to claim your stylishness back and always look flawless.

How to Spot and Fix Your Fashion Mistakes

One and the same

When you open your wardrobe, do you notice something peculiar, like the fact that you perhaps have four dresses that are almost identical in terms of both the cut and color? Perhaps it’s the same way with jeans – you have seven pairs of almost the exact same jeans. Not only is this wasteful, as you’ve been essentially spending your money on the same garment over and over again, but it makes your style inconspicuous and dull. When you shop for new clothing items, you have to bear in mind the items you already own so you don’t repurchase them again. Your wardrobe needs versatility, so before you buy, stop, think, and branch out a bit. Having a solid amount of basics is always smart, but you don’t need ten grey tees. 

How to Spot and Fix Your Fashion Mistakes

Have you met?

Most fashion mistakes we make stem from the lack of knowing our own body type. Perhaps you have an hourglass figure and yet you continue to purchase oversized boxy items that don’t do your waistline justice. You purchase low-rise jeans when the most flattering jeans for your body type are high-rise, flare, boot cut, or any other that are suitable for your particular shape. The same goes for pear, apple, and all other body shapes, and even sizes.

The fashion industry has made incredible strides and now we have incredible options from petit to plus size clothing lines that are designed to make you look and feel great in your skin, and most importantly, suit your body type. Fashion definitely has become more inclusive. You just need to figure out who you are, and that will guide you towards the right choices.

You can’t help yourself

As soon as new trends come down the runway and subsequently into the stores, you can’t help but rush out and stock up on all the ‘it’ garments of the moment. When you fall prey to trends, it isn’t only detrimental to your style persona as mixing different styles and constantly following every single trend makes you lose track of what you really like, but it can also result in disaster outfits. While incorporating certain trends into your wardrobe is essential for keeping things fresh and your style up to date, you have to learn to do it in moderation.

 Sit down, scroll through different fashion movements, figure out whether you’re a minimalist, a casual dresser, a statement dresser, or even a bohemian one, and then add items that mesh well with the style of your preference. You are free to shake things up a bit with a trendy item or two, so long as you don’t overdo it and throw your personal style completely off track.

How to Spot and Fix Your Fashion Mistakes

The opposite issue

There are those who frequently flock to the stores and pile up on trendy items, and then there is the other kind of fashion misfits – those who haven’t shopped in forever. Hello, the ‘90s have called, and they want their clothes back. While it’s great to hold on to timeless pieces such as a great classic trench coat, a flattering pencil skirt, and classic white button-ups, you have to get rid of outdated clothes that essentially scream the name of the decade they’re from, and upgrade your wardrobe with something more contemporary. The perfect combination of timeless classics and a few trends is just what the doctor ordered.

How to Spot and Fix Your Fashion Mistakes

Let your insecurities get the best of you

How many times have you longed for an extravagant pair of shoes, an embroidered statement jacket, a magnificent and conspicuous purse, and then said to yourself ‘I can’t pull this off’ and given up on snagging the item? As long as it flatters you in terms of cut and does your silhouette justice, you can pull off anything you want - you just can’t forget your confidence at the front door before you walk out. Everything is in the attitude. Just look at any street style section in any major fashion magazine. People pull off the most outrageous combinations – because they rock them with confidence.

Therefore, don’t be afraid, don’t be filled with doubt – if you love it, grab it. Your inner fashionista will be awakened – you’ll know what to do. So, do any of these types of fashion behaviors ring a bell? We bet at least one does. If that’s the case, you now know how to fix it, so go cleanse that wardrobe and make room for new fashion adventures.

                                           This is a guest post by Amy Mia  (Facebook Twitter)