Skincare for Blemish and Acne prone skin

Over the past year, my face was struggling with acne spots and blemishes. It is getting better and then it will break out again. My skin is very sensitive towards beauty products and especially with blemish and acne prone skin, I am highly picky and careful on what product I am using on my face. My face is not perfect, but yet much better. In this article I'd like to share with you products that I have been using or still am. Products that I liked and had some impact. Cosmetics is something that I believe is worth investing in. Not only that those products tend to last for a while, but also it is part of your look and health regime.

Again, every skin reacts differently, thus it is advisable to do some research prior purchasing any cosmetics as well as always test on your hand skin first before applying on your face. I have shared with you in the past posts my daily beauty routine, including some of these products mentioning here already. Make sure to regularly clean your face and stay consistent with product over some time, rather then keep swapping products. These are just recommendation of products that I have tried over time and have been pleased with it. Again, every skin reacts differently, so it is worth to explore wide range of products and test what will be suitable the most for us. Happy to hear any recommendations and tips from you!

If you are interested, I am more then happy to do detailed review on specific products.
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Face wash

Washing your face twice is day is very important, and you will see significant difference on your skin. I personally love Tea Tree range from The Body Shop, but always open to test different products, if they target on acne prone-skin. Washing my face is an essential part of my daily skincare.

Face creams

I am using face cream to moisturize my skin as well as to add an extra layer of spf protection. I try to avoid oily face cream, because my skin tend to get oily pretty quickly.

Skincare for Blemish and Acne prone skin

Acne spot control

Using these gels as my ultimate helper when my spots appear! Currently testing out La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo that my sister bought to me.


Skincare for Blemish and Acne prone skin

Face masks

Applying range of masks once a week, especially focusing on pores.


Using lotions after cleaning my face twice a week, before applying any creams on me.

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