Primrose Hill, London

Seems like this year is passing so quickly yet again! Almost half way through March time and so many exciting things ahead and so many thoughts in my mind. I guess, everyone will go through life, identity or whatever it can be called crisis.

Have you ever wondered what are you actually trying to do in life?

"So here I am. Drifting through the clouds. Swimming through the time. Suspended thousand miles above a crystalline sea. I have no to little idea where I am going or what I am doing."
- from heart to heart

 I want to do million of things, I wanna be everywhere, I want to discover everything, I want to help, but then there are days I just wanna lay in bed and think about the life. Think about what to do actually first. Have you ever...?

But here you come. The hero. The life safer. Tiding up my inner mess. All passion, visions, goals and love makes so much sense yet again. Thankful for you. Thankful for all beloved ones. Thankful for love.Thankful for life. In the midst of a tornado, I found there was, within me, an invincible light.

"Happiness is the new rich.
Inner peace is the new success.
Health is the new wealth."

Note to oneself:
Life is beautiful and even more by surrounding the life with the beautiful souls. Carry on what you believe and love. 

Most of the things in life we can wish for, we can work for. But then there are certain things that we have been given, gifted and lucky to own it. Things that we can't influence much. And those are the things that are most precious. The most valuable. Learning to appreciate those and identifying them early in life will save us so much effort. So much ups and downs and so much struggles.

But there is no reason to drop down so much. Things do happen for a reason. Lessons are given to be learnt. Or maybe being patient is the key. So patiently await.

So let's stop dreaming, let's stop thinking about what life could be and let's start actioning!