What to think about while picking a bridesmaid dress?

With the Big Day approaching, one of the thing to take care of is also matching and picture-perfect bridesmaid dresses. Whether they will be long, shot, lace, sheer or whatever cut and material you will choose, let me share with you couple of tips on how to decide which dress would be the best suitable one for all your chosen bridesmaid.

1. Check what's around
Research on e-shops, such as Dresshopau or other alternatives for the infinite choices of dresses. Nowadays, a lot of high street brands can offer you with a wide choice of bridesmaid dresses too!

2. Decide on price range
Weddings are big investment. However, whether you are planning to have it small or large, budgeting is always important aspect in every element of planning.

3. Pick a colour
Your bridesmaid dresses should go along with your dress. Thus, colour mood is key. Whether you will pick from creme to purple bridesmaid dresses, it is your choice and your call. The wedding flower most of the time dictate the colour palette of the bridesmaid attire. Pick a colour that will go along with the skin tone of your girls.

4. Be sensitive about problem zones
Every girl have a problematic area or an area that they are not happy with. Take those in consideration and don't make them dress something that they don't feel comfortable in. The best way is to incorporate all bridesmaid to the conversation, and hear their opinion and recommendations.

5. Think extensively as well
Apart from your bridesmaid who will be on your side, think of people, like your mom or close relatives. They will represent you as well and will be close yo your side as well. Make sure to give them a guidance on their dress choices. Whether it will be from the colour pallet of your choice or dress cut, such as V-neck mother of the bride dresses.

What to think about while picking a bridesmaid dress?

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