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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a crucial element of building your website/blog and presence in the online world. There are many factors to how to improve your SEO. Firstly, you should get an understanding what is it overall and what factors are considered to be affecting the search. Such as your URL, image tags, links, keywords or website layout. MOZ is a great starting point to get some reading on SEO if needed.

When I started my blogging journey, I didn't started with an intention to grow as a blogger or to create an actual website. I started my blog as my photography portfolio platform and slowly get into the interest of writing, travelling and fashion. And this is what Bridge of Memories is now, a lifestyle captured blog. Apart from SEO, there are many key elements which need to be taken care of while developing in the online environment. It is an ongoing process, learning path and testing. 

Recently, I have decided to go for a site audit with Pink SEO Marketing. Within not even 7 days, I have received a full comprehensive site audit with detailed issues and various test results. It test the files, the speed, the links, images and everything what you will need to get on improving. Pink SEO Marketing offers different SEO services as well, such as keyword searches or backlink analysis. I believe that it is great investment into getting to know your website or blog from more SEO technical aspect as a guidance on how to fix your issues and on how to improve your blog's SEO. 

The lovely lady behind the company - Silvia, is willing to help with any clarification and explanation if needed. The turnover of the service was pretty fast and I am very impressive with the full in-depth report. One key thing I have learned from the report is that old posts do affect SEO and it is crucial to go back to these old posts and adapt.

And how do you improve your SEO, any tips, advices and struggles? Let's share and help each other!

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