Lovegrove essentials - natural skincare kit

If you have seen my Instagram stories, I have received a while ago a clean and natural skin care set from Lovegrove essentials and I was thrilled to test it!

When the little package of products arrived in a cute purple pouch with two great packaged tubs of products. The clean and natural skin care set came with supporting documents of the ingredients and how to use the products itself, as well as with a mask brush and two different towels. It was all very handy and in place ready for application.The lovely package from a wonderful and natural company makes the experience totally different!

The cleansing balm contains essential oils of Lemon and Geranium which helps to clean and balance the skin, together with apricot oil and shea butter helps the skin to dissolve any excess make-up leaving the skin soft and clean

The aromatic face mask contains soft clay with essential oils of orange and geranium to gently and thoroughly cleanse the pores without irritating or dehydrating the skin.

          Lovegrove essentials - natural skincare kit

I have never tried a cleansing balm before, and was very pleased of its nourishing and softness feeling after application. The product might seem tiny, but you will need only a tiny pee piece of the cleansing balm for application. Thus, I can totally see myself using this product for dry and cold skin days for couple of weeks or months even.

When applying the aromatic facial mask on me, I could have totally imagine myself in a spa room, as the aroma of this tiny product is very intense and pleasing! Again, it is great products to nourish and clean your dull and dry skin time to time! The product packaging is very lovely and not even mentioning the natural ingredients used into producing these! It is always important to incorporate more natural, healthy and pure cosmetic ranges to your skin. Think long term and not short term!

Timeless natural beauty.

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