Hope you are dealing with January blues well! The mood we are getting in after Christmas is always horrible and it seems even endless, as January seems to be such a long month! But let's take it from a positive side, and let's plan this year to be full of success, new people and adventure!

If you are following me on my Instagram, I have added polls on my stories and that can give you a hint on what I am preparing. I love interior decorations and design and wish to have fully own place to make it as I vision it. Can't at the moment. Therefore I have decided to do some posters for you. What it comes to wall decoration, I like crafted, minimal and artsy style. The rise of zoomed maps with popular favourite cities been a significant increase last year and instead of going with the flow, I decided to create my own map, with my own zoomed chosen city, with my own vision. I was thinking, that I don't want Paris map or New York map hanging on my wall, as I don't have anything connected to it. I want a city, that reminds me of something. A city of my childhood. A city of my experience.

Because in the end, home isn't a place.It is a feeling. It is a love.

Therefore, stay tuned for the finalized posters! Thrilled to hear your feedback and what you think of wall art and especially maps wall art! Also comment, any cities that you wish to hang on your wall!


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